Induction Brazing HVAC Industry

Induction Brazing HVAC Industry Description

The HVAC industry requires a large number of accessories that use copper, aluminum, iron and other materials.
Brazing is the perfect process to fuse these materials together.

Automated brazing machines from DoDo deploy brazing processes quickly and with guaranteed quality.

You don’t need to understand the process, just understand the final product, the manufacturing process, the quality control plan, and we will implement it.

ميزات آلة اللحام التعريفي

  • وقت تغذية قابل للتعديل
  • سخن
  • نظام إطفاء النيتروجين
  • صمام الملف اللولبي الغاز SMC
  • ميتسوبيشي PLC
  • مفاتيح يدوية / شاشة تعمل باللمس
  • محرك متدرج
  • زجاج أمان
  • مفتاح استشعار اومرون
  • شاشة تعمل باللمس ، لوحات تحكم قائمة على القوائم ومتعددة اللغات
آلة لحام أوتوماتيكية

المنتجات التي يتم إنتاجها بواسطة آلة اللحام بالحث

صمام فحص المبرد

صمام فحص غاز التبريد

يتم لحام النحاس والنحاس ، ويمكن لحامهما معًا بشكل مثالي باستخدام آلة لحام أوتوماتيكية ، مع وصلات لحام كاملة وألوان مستديرة.

صمام خدمة التبريد

صمام خدمة التبريد

تتحكم صمامات خدمة التبريد في تدفق غاز التبريد في أنظمة تكييف الهواء والتبريد ، كما تستخدم وصلات ملحومة بجسم الصمام وأقسام الأنابيب.


صمام تبريد

تستخدم صمامات التبريد للتحكم في تدفق غاز التبريد في أنظمة تكييف الهواء والتبريد. تحتوي صمامات التبريد على تركيبات نحاسية أو نحاسية متعددة ، واللحام بالنحاس هو العملية المفضلة

تي شيرت بانت النحاس

تي شيرت بانت النحاس

يعتبر Copper Pant Tee عبارة عن لحام نحاسي ونحاسي نموذجي، والذي يتمتع بميزة طبيعية على اللحام التلقائي لمثل هذه الأنابيب الصغيرة

أنبوب فرعي

أنبوب الفرع

الأنبوب الفرعي هو نوع من الأنابيب النحاسية وأنواع عديدة. سنقوم بتصميم الأدوات المناسبة لجعل آلة اللحام الأوتوماتيكية تعمل بشكل طبيعي.

رئيس موزع النحاس

رئيس موزع النحاس

يتطلب رأس الموزع النحاسي لحام رأس نحاسي وأنبوب نحاسي ، والنحاس هو العملية المفضلة ، ويمكن لآلة اللحام بالنحاس الأوتوماتيكية العثور بسرعة ودقة على موضع الارتباط ، والجودة مستقرة

مزايا آلة اللحام بالحث

تحسين الكفأة

يمكن للآلة الأوتوماتيكية بالكامل زيادة الطاقة الإنتاجية بمقدار 10 مرات 20 مرة

حسن الجودة

جودة اللحام بالنحاس الأوتوماتيكي مستقرة ولن تتقلب بسبب عوامل اصطناعية

تكلفة منخفضة

توفر الآلات الأوتوماتيكية بالكامل الوقت وتستخدم المواد بشكل أكثر دقة ، مما يوفر التكاليف.

آلة تسليم المفتاح

نقوم بتحسين خدمة ما بعد البيع ، ولا داعي للقلق ، وخدمات وقت الرفع


جميع إكسسواراتنا هي من موردي العلامات التجارية المشهورة عالميًا ، مثل Mitsubishi Group و Omron وما إلى ذلك.

تتمتع التكنولوجيا الأساسية بحقوق ملكية فكرية مستقلة وهي بحث وتطوير مستقل تمامًا.

نحن لا نصنع سلعًا استهلاكية عادية. يحتاج العملاء إلى استخدامها لمدة 10 أو حتى 30 عامًا بعد الشراء. الجودة والمتانة هي اعتباراتنا الأساسية.

Induction Brazing HVAC Industry Unlimited Guide

   HVAC industry is the short form of Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning industry. The process of induction brazing is the important process in HVAC industry.

Different types of metals are used in the HVAC industry and the induction brazing helps to join them without the risk of leakage and deformity.

1.     What Is Induction Brazing?

By heating two or more metal components to a temperature in which a filler metal used as alloy melts and fills in the junction between the parts, induction brazing is a technique for connecting two or more metal parts together.

A coil that produces a high-frequency magnetic field is what causes electromagnetic induction, which creates the heat. The metal components quickly heat up as a result of the magnetic field’s induction of electrical currents in them.

Induction brazing, as opposed to more conventional brazing techniques like torch brazing, is a quick, effective, and precise way to join metal components.Induction Brazing HVAC Industry

2.     What Is the Importance of Induction Brazing in HVAC Industry?

For connecting metal components together, induction brazing is a crucial procedure in the HVAC sector. It is a technique for heating metal pieces that generates heat inside the metal itself without coming into direct touch with the heat source.

3.     What Are the Benefits of Induction Brazing in HVAC Industry?

Induction brazing plays an important part in HVAC industry in many ways. The benefits are described below


The process of induction brazing is a quick and effective way to join metal parts. Induction brazing can help the producers of HVAC industry in boosting output and cutting expenses.


Only the necessary portions of the metal parts can be heated during induction brazing, reducing any damage to adjacent components.

No Labor Required:

The induction brazing machine is responsible for the beast brazed joints that are made without the need of human workers.


Because flux or other chemicals are not necessary for induction brazing, it is a clean procedure that leaves no hazardous vapors or residues behind.


The finished brazed joints are sturdy and dependable, offering a solid connection between metal parts that can endure the strains and vibrations typical of HVAC systems.

Overall, the HVAC industry relies on induction brazing because it provides a quick, accurate, clean, and powerful way to join metal parts together, which is necessary for building trustworthy and effective HVAC systems.Induction Brazing HVAC Industry

4.     What Are the Metals Used in Induction Brazing?

Induction Brazing is the process of joining metals with precision that are then used in the HVAC industry for air-conditioners, heating systems, and in refrigerators along with other cooling and heating equipment. The metals that can easily be brazed through induction brazing are steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and iron.

5.     What Are the Products Produced by Induction Brazing in HVAC Industry?

There are many parts that are used in HVAC Industry made by the induction brazing. Some of the products are described below

صمام فحص غاز التبريد

Copper and brass are brazed in this type of valve to create a high quality, perfectly round joint

صمام تبريد

In refrigeration and air conditioning systems, refrigeration valves are what helps in regulation of the flow of refrigerant. Brazing is the primary procedure for connecting the many copper or copper fittings found in refrigeration valves.

صمام خدمة التبريد

Refrigeration service valves use brazed connections to the valve body and pipe sections in addition to controlling the flow of refrigerant in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

أنبوب الفرع

Copper pipe comes in a variety of kinds, including branch pipe. To enable the automatic brazing machine to operate normally, we will develop the necessary tooling.

رئيس موزع النحاس

Brazing is the preferred method, as it can quickly and precisely determine the link position, and the quality is stable. Brass Distributor Head requires copper head and copper tube welding.

Induction Brazing HVAC Industry6.     What Are the Main Features of Induction Brazing HVAC Industry?

There are different features that are the main reason of the precision and quality of induction brazing in HVAC industry, these features are

  • Touch screen helps in the input process and you can just put in the information with simple touch of your hand
  • Safety glass to save anyone from the heat produced
  • محرك متدرج
  • Fire Extinguishing system in the induction brazing machines uses the nitrogen for the fire extinguishing so that any unfortunate event can be avoided
  • SMC Valve is the gas solenoid valve present in the induction brazing
  • Feeding Time is completely adjustable in the Induction brazing machines
  • Preheating system
  • Stepper motor drive is present in the Induction brazing

7.     What Are the Points to Consider before Getting Induction Brazing Machine in HVAC Industry?

There are a number of crucial elements to think about and verify in the HVAC business in order to get the greatest outcomes from induction brazing, including:

  • Materials must be suitable with the brazing alloy being used, and they must be free of any surface contaminates or oxide coatings that could obstruct the brazing process.
  • Design and fit-up: To guarantee that there is enough room for the brazing alloy to flow and completely fill the joint, the components being connected should be appropriately designed and put together.
  • Coil design and positioning: To ensure that the parts being joined are heated uniformly and effectively, the induction coil must be designed and positioned correctly.
  • Power and frequency settings: To make sure that the parts are heated to the right temperature for the right period of time, the power and frequency settings of the induction heating equipment must be carefully chosen.
  • Brazing alloy selection: The selection of the brazing alloy is crucial to guarantee that the final joint meets the requisite performance criteria.
  • Temperature management is crucial throughout the brazing process to prevent overheating or under heating of the components being connected, which could produce subpar brazing results.
  • After the brazing procedure is finished, the brazed joint must be properly cleaned. It’s crucial to thoroughly clean the brazed joint after the brazing process is finished to get rid of any leftover flux or other pollutants that can affect the joint’s functionality.

The ideal outcomes from induction brazing in the HVAC business may be obtained by taking into account and examining these aspects, producing brazed joints that are sturdy, dependable, and effective.

Induction Brazing HVAC Industry8.     Where Can We Get the Best Induction Brazing HVAC Industry?

There are many manufacturers available that provide induction brazing HVAC industry but you should check the recommendations and quality before ordering online and if you ask me آلة الدودو make the best equipment for induction brazing HVAC industry.

They make the best machinery and the joints resulted by their machine are strong, clean, precise, and free from errors. You can get the machine customized if you want. This is the right time to sit and think about the induction brazing machine HVAC industry.

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