Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machine

Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machine Description

Copper Tube Cutting Machine is a machine widely used in the HVAC fittings industry, especially the copper tube cutting machine. Before the fittings are made, copper tube cutting is a necessary step from raw materials to segmented copper tubes.
The copper pipe cutting machine produced by DoDo is mainly customized for Sanhua and other well-known Chinese refrigeration accessories companies, with industry-leading efficiency and quality assurance.

Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machine Features

  • Fast. Efficiency is used as the core means of cost reduction in manufacturing industry
  • Quality. Efficiency improvement in quality assurance can save costs
  • Unmanned. From raw material to finished product without worker intervention
  • Diameter. 16, 20, 30, 50, 90, 120, etc.
  • Cutting at the same time. Support 6 copper pipes to cut at the same time
  • Material. Both straight pipe and coil pipe are supported.

Products Produced by Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machine

Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machine Advantages

Improve Efficiency

A fully automatic machine can increase production capacity by 10 times 20 times

Improve Quality

The quality of the automatic machine is stable and will not fluctuate due to human factors

Low Cost

Fully automatic machines save time and use materials more precisely, saving costs.

Turnkey Machine

We improve after-sales service, you have no worries, lift-time services

Our Suppliers

All our accessories are suppliers of world-renowned brands, such as Mitsubishi Group, Omron, etc.

The core technology has independent intellectual property rights and is completely independent research and development.

We are not making ordinary consumer goods. Customers need to use them for 10 or even 30 years after purchase. Quality and durability are our primary considerations.

Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machine Buying Guide

Automatic tube-cutting machines are specialized machines that are used to cut copper tubes with precision. These machines use new techniques to cut the tubes of copper for their proper use in any field.

The automatic copper tube cutting machine is responsible for the proper cutting of copper tubes. These machines are used to make household items like refrigerators and cooling systems because of their durability.

1.     Why Do We Need Copper Tubes?

Copper tubes are commonly used in air conditioning systems because they get hot and cold easily, they are resilient and resistant to corrosion. They are used to transport refrigerant through the system and transfer heat between the indoor and outdoor units of air conditions.

Copper tubes come in various sizes and thicknesses, depending on the specific requirements of the air conditioning system. They can be straight and can be easily bent and shaped to fit into tight spaces.

2.     What Is the Use of an Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machine?

A copper tube cutting machine is used to cut the copper tubes with efficiency in the needed sizes to be used later in the HVAC industry. This machine ensures the necessary step of cutting copper tubes from the raw copper tubes.

These machines are used around the world to make copper tube sizes in perfect cuttings so that the refrigeration system made from these tubes can be perfect.

 Copper Tube

3.     What Are the Main Features of An Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machine?

The automatic copper tube machine is a huge benefit in the HVAC industry the main features that make these machines amazing are down below.


The automatic copper tube cutting machine used high speed to cut the copper raw material in the desired size of copper tubes making it efficient.


The automatic copper cutting machines ensure high-quality copper tubes. Having high-quality copper tubes fitted in systems can help us save the cost of low-quality material.


The automatic copper tube cutting machines can take the raw material copper tube and cut them perfectly in the desired sizes without needing any man. Saving the labor cost.

Different Sizes of Copper Tubes

The automatic copper tube cutting machines can cut the different diameters of copper tubes like they can cut 16, 30, 20, 50, 120, and 90-diameter copper tubes. 

Number of Copper Tubes Cut at a Time

In the high-functioning automatic copper tube cutting machines you can cut 6 copper tubes at one time.

Types of Copper Tubes

The copper tubes or pipes that are cut through the automatic copper tube-cutting machines are of many types like straight pipes and coiled pipes.

4.     What Are the Products Made from Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machines?

The automatic copper tube cutting machines are very helpful they cut the copper tubes in perfect lengths and these tubes are then used for the following productions. The tubes are usually coated with anticorrosive material to be used in plumbing and HVAC systems manufacturing industries.


Plumbing systems regularly use copper tubes to transport gas and water. Copper tubes can be precisely cut to the length required for the application using copper tube cutting machines.

Moreover, heat is transferred from one place to another using copper tube in heat exchangers plumbing. To move hot water to the radiator from the boiler, for this purpose copper tubes are used in central heating systems.

HVAC System

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems commonly use copper tubes. They are employed to transport refrigerant through the system and are cut to precise lengths using copper tube-cutting machinery.

Copper gets cold and hot easily which makes it best to be used in a system that needs cooling and heating conductors. 

In refrigeration systems, the parts used are the condenser, evaporator, and compressor. The copper tubes are used in these systems to take the refrigerant from one part of the refrigeration system to another. 

Copper tubes are best to tolerate high pressure and temperatures and therefore they can transfer energy efficiently in the HVAC systems.

There are outdoor units and indoor units in Air-conditioners where copper tubes are excessively used. The copper tubes are used in the condenser and evaporator to move the heat outside from the indoor unit where it is eliminated. 

Industrial Use

Heat exchangers, radiators, and oil coolers are just a few of the industrial uses for copper tubes. The tubes may be precisely cut to the length needed for various applications using copper tube-cutting machines.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring uses copper tubes to provide grounding and shield the wires from harm. The tubes can be cut using copper tube cutting equipment to the precise length needed for the application.

Jewelry Industry

Copper tubes are being used to create distinctive and elegant designs for jewelry. Automatic copper tube-cutting machines can be used in jewelry-making industries for the precise cutting and fitting of copper tubes in jewelry.

5.     What Are the Types of Copper Tubes Used in HVAC Systems?

Automatic copper tubes cutting machines are the best way to cut copper tubes when you want to use them in an industry like the HVAC system industries. 

Many types of copper tubes are used in HVAC systems due to their durability and transfer of hot and cold temperatures from them. The copper tube types are as follows

  • L-type copper tube is used in HVAC systems because they have thick walls and are best for keeping the refrigerant. These types of copper tubes are also anti-corrosive and durable which makes them best for this job
  • M-type copper tubes are also used in the HVAC industry because of their thin-walled structure, they are used in the HVAC system to supply the water
  • K-type copper tubes are the thickest walled copper tubes you can check in the HVAC systems. In the HVAC systems where the underwater supply lines are needed these k-type copper tubes are used
  • The last type is refrigeration copper tubes that are used in air-conditioning and refrigeration making. These copper tubes are in many different sizes and thicknesses so that different capacity refrigeration units and air conditions can use them

These types of copper tubes are available but their use depends on the type of HVAC system you want to produce and its specific application. For the best system performance and durability, you need to select the best suitable type of copper tube and the best automatic copper tube-cutting machine.

 Copper Tube

6.     What Are the Production Steps That Are Followed in Making the Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machines? 

Many manufacturers make high-quality machines and the automatic copper tube machine is one of the machines that are very useful the production points followed by the manufacturers like dodo machines are described below.

Customization of the Design

All the manufacturers have different designs for the automatic cutting machines but when the order arrived they customize the design according to the need and likings of the order.


The production of the machines is also decided according to the order and it is started and completed according to the due date of the order.


The automatic copper cutting machines are always checked and inspected before transporting them. This is the way high-quality manufacturers ensure that each order dispatched is in perfect working condition.

Pack and Ship

The manufacturer of the automatic copper cutting machine then packs the machine so that it won’t get broken in the shipping process and ships it to its destination.

Customer Trial

The manufacturers of the automatic copper cutting machine have this trial service that ensures that the customer gets proper training on how to install and use the machines without too many problems.

7.     What Are the Types of Machines Used for Copper Tube Cutting?

Depending on the needs and the number of tubes that need to be cut, a variety of equipment can be utilized to cut copper tubes. Most machines have cutting wheels used to cut the copper tubes.

Manual Cutter

These are the manual hand-held cutters that are frequently used to cut copper tubes with small diameters. They cut by rotating a cutting wheel around the tube.

Band Saws

The copper tubing is sliced by these devices using a band saw blade. They are quicker and more effective than manual cutters and are frequently used for cutting tubes with wider diameters.

Automatic Cutter

These devices include a motor that powers the cutting wheel and are used to cut tubes with a bigger diameter. They are often quicker and more effective than hand cutters, and they can be utilized for cutting procedures with huge volumes.

Laser Cutter

These devices cut copper tubes with pinpoint accuracy using a laser beam. They may be mechanized for high-volume cutting procedures and are frequently used for cutting complex forms.

Abrasive Cut-off

The copper tube is cut using one of these machines’ abrasive cutting wheels. They are quicker and more effective than manual cutters and are used frequently for cutting tubes with extremely thick walls.

Rotating Cutter

The copper tube is cut using one of these machines’ rotary cutting wheels. They are quicker and more effective than manual cutters and are frequently used to cut tubes with thick walls.

It’s critical to take into account, the number of copper tubes that need to be cut, their size and thickness, the needed precision of the cuts, and the given budget when selecting a copper tube cutting machine. Copper Tube

8.     What Are the Advantages of Using Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machines?

There are many advantages of automatic copper tube-cutting machines that make them a benefit for industries. These benefits are listed below

  • Because copper tube cutting machines are so perfect and precise, the cut parts are always the same length and size. This facilitates obtaining a high level of manufacturing consistency, which can result in enhanced quality control and decreased waste
  • Copper tube-cutting machines may need a substantial upfront investment, but over time they can offer a strong return on investment. They can aid in lowering labor expenses, boosting output, and reducing waste, all of which can eventually result in cost savings.
  • Copper tubes may be swiftly and effectively cut using automatic tube cutters, which can save time and money on labor. Automation eliminates the need for manual handling and measurement, lowering the possibility of mistakes and accidents
  • Copper tube-cutting machines are useful for a variety of applications since they can handle different tube sizes and forms. Moreover, certain machines are capable of de-burring or chamfering, which can further optimize the manufacturing process
  • Using automatic copper tube-cutting devices, laborers are not required to handle the tubes directly, which decreases the danger of accidents and injuries. The operator’s and workplace safety are further improved by these machines’ inclusion of safety measures including emergency stop buttons and safety guards Copper Tube

9.     Where Can You Get the Best Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machine?

Many manufacturers can make automatic copper tube-cutting machines for you according to your demand. The ideal copper tube-cutting machine for you will rely on your unique needs and financial situation among the many models that are currently on the market.

Dodo machines are one of the best manufacturers of automatic copper tube bending machines along with other machines for consumers. They have all the facilities to make automatic copper tube-bending machines according to the need of the consumer.

They can customize the designs; their team can help even after delivering the machines so that the users can understand all about the installation process and capacity.

Before choosing a copper tube cutting machine, it’s crucial to take into account your unique wants and requirements. To make an informed choice, make sure to investigate and contrast various models, features, and costs.

10. What Are the Specifications of Dodo Machine’s Automatic Copper Tube Cutting Machine?

Dodo machine manufacturers are known for the top-class machinery they make they can make customized machinery for anyone. The automatic copper tube-cutting machines by dodo machine have the following specifications 

  • They have an AC power system supply of 220 
  • Machine power consumption of 6.5 kW
  • Three phase power

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