Refrigerant Check Valve Brazing Machine

Refrigerant Check Valve Brazing MachineDescription

Welding of brass and copper by means of automatic brazing machines is a very efficient option.
Because of the simple shape of the Refrigerant Check Valve, either a flame brazing machine or an induction brazing machine can be used

Efficiently realize brazing, make your Refrigerant Check Valve have lower cost and better quality control.

Refrigerant Check Valve Brazing Machine Product Series


7/8 Refrigeration Check Valve

The main material is brass and copper, this shape is easy to realize automatic brazing

شیر چک مبرد

شیر چک مبرد

برنج و مس جوش داده می شوند و می توان آنها را با استفاده از دستگاه لحیم کاری اتوماتیک، با اتصالات لحیم کامل و رنگ های گرد، به خوبی به یکدیگر جوش داد.

شیر چک مبرد

1/2 Refrigerant Check Valve

The shape of the Refrigerant Check Valve makes induction brazing as efficient as flame brazing


Refrigeration Access Valve

The fixture can be well adapted to the angle of the Refrigeration Access Valve to realize automatic brazing

شیر سرویس تبرید

شیر سرویس تبرید

شیرهای سرویس تبرید جریان مبرد را در سیستم های تهویه مطبوع و تبرید کنترل می کنند و همچنین از اتصالات لحیم کاری شده به بدنه شیر و بخش های لوله کشی استفاده می کنند.


Hvac Service Valve

The fusion of brass and copper is a very common process in the HVAC industry, and automation can effectively improve efficiency

Refrigerant Check Valve Brazing Machine Features

  • زمان تغذیه قابل تنظیم
  • پیش گرم کنید
  • سیستم اطفاء حریق نیتروژن
  • شیر برقی گازی SMC
  • میتسوبیشی پی ال سی
  • کلیدهای دستی/صفحه نمایش لمسی
  • درایو موتور پله ای
  • شیشه ایمنی
  • سوئیچ سنسور Omron
  • صفحه نمایش لمسی، پنل های کنترل مبتنی بر منو و چند زبانه
دستگاه لحیم کاری اتوماتیک

Refrigerant Check Valve Brazing Machine Advantages

بهبود کارایی

یک دستگاه تمام اتوماتیک می تواند ظرفیت تولید را 10 برابر 20 برابر افزایش دهد

بهبود کیفیت

کیفیت لحیم کاری اتوماتیک ثابت بوده و در اثر عوامل مصنوعی دچار نوسان نخواهد شد

کم هزینه

ماشین های تمام اتوماتیک در زمان صرفه جویی می کنند و از مواد با دقت بیشتری استفاده می کنند و در هزینه ها صرفه جویی می کنند.

ماشین کلید در دست

ما خدمات پس از فروش را بهبود می دهیم، شما هیچ نگرانی ندارید، خدمات زمان بالابر

تامین کنندگان ما

تمامی لوازم جانبی ما تامین کننده برندهای معتبر جهانی مانند گروه میتسوبیشی، امرون و غیره می باشد.

فناوری اصلی دارای حقوق مالکیت معنوی مستقل است و تحقیق و توسعه کاملاً مستقل است.

ما کالاهای مصرفی معمولی نمی سازیم. مشتریان باید 10 یا حتی 30 سال پس از خرید از آنها استفاده کنند. کیفیت و دوام ملاحظات اصلی ما هستند.

Refrigerant Check Valve Brazing Machine Brazing​ Guide

A refrigerant check valve brazing machine creates refrigerant check valves, mainly used in refrigeration and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.

The refrigerant check valve utilizes advanced technology to consistently ensure reliable and accurate brazing outcomes.

It is a specialized valve in refrigerant systems that enables fluid to flow in a single direction, thereby boosting efficiency, reducing damage, and preventing refrigerant flow in the incorrect direction.

The refrigeration pipe is connected to these check valves using brazing machines.

1.     What refrigerant check valve brazing machine is specifically designed to do?

A refrigerant check valve grazing machine is an automatic brazing machine that is designed to make brazing processes as simple and streamlined as possible.

The most important function of this brazing machine is that it maintains the cooling efficiency of the system when its compressor fails to work properly.

The refrigerant check valve brazing machine eliminates the need for manual adjustment and provides error-free results.

It will greatly help you in making the brazing process efficient and helps in improving the quality of your refrigerant systems.

Furthermore, the machine is highly accurate and allows leak-free brazing.

The simple shape of the refrigerant check valve allows brazing with two kinds of brazing machines:

شکل 1. لحیم کاری القاییFigure 1: Induction brazing 

When the brazing is performed with the help of a high-frequency electromagnetic field, then the brazing is known as induction brazing.

شکل 2. لحیم کاری با شعلهFigure 2: Flame brazing

When brazing is performed with the help of flames, then it is known as flame brazing.

2.   Which features set apart the brazing equipment designed for refrigerant check valves?

Figure 3. Refrigerant valve brazingFigure 3: Refrigerant valve brazing

Here are some of the features of the refrigerant check valve brazing machine with proper explanations to provide you with more information about the product:


With the help of this feature, you can easily adjust the feeding time according to the properties of the pipe which is being subjected to brazing. It allows the brazing material to be distributed evenly.


This feature helps in reducing the risk of cracks and leaks in the joint. It allows the user to preheat the brazing material, which helps in building a strong bond.


Any flames that occur during the brazing process will be extinguished with the help of this system. This system greatly assures the safety of the user.


This feature assures proper gas flow and effective gas control.


The brazing machine is equipped with a touch control panel which allows you to control the brazing process efficiently as it provides quick access to all the machine functions.


As you know, sparks and debris might often disturb the user during the brazing process. To prevent these problems, safety glass is used.


This feature helps in controlling the temperature during the brazing process.


It provides control over the movements of brazing tools.

3.     How does using a refrigerant check valve brazing machine improve efficiency when welding copper and brass?
Figure 4. Refrigerant check valve brazing machine

Figure 4: Refrigerant check valve brazing machine

Before these modern technologies, the old traditional methods such as furnace brazing, resistance brazing, or torch brazing methods were used for the brazing of copper and brass, which reduced the efficiency of workers to a great extent as it consumes a lot of time.

After the introduction of the refrigerant check valve brazing machine, these problems were significantly reduced as they performed these tasks within no time.

Firstly, these brazing machines reduced refrigerant loss, which could be harmful to the environment if released.

Secondly, these machines ensure consistent brazing temperatures during the brazing processes of copper and brass.

Furthermore, the brazing of copper and brass became much faster than before.

The joints produced by the refrigerant check valve brazing machine are also strong, leak-free, and high quality.

This is the reason that these brazing methods are now very effective and efficient. Lastly, if you want your brazing methods to be accurate, then this brazing machine is the right option for you.

4.     What are the benefits of using a check valve brazing machine?

You can get numerous benefits when using a refrigerant check valve brazing machine.

  • Efficient and effective brazing.
  • Easy to operate.
  • As it is an automatic machine, there is no need for excessive labor, which can help you save money.
  • High-quality results.
  • Comparatively faster brazing of copper and brass than old traditional methods.
  • It can withstand harsh surroundings and is a highly durable option for you.
  • It is incredibly resourceful and can be used in a variety of different applications.
  • Makes brazing processes much safer for you than it was beforehand.

5.     What is the durability of this refrigerant check valve brazing machine?

The refrigerant check valve brazing machine is a durable option because it increases the productivity of the brazing methods as it is an automatic device.

It can tolerate those high temperatures or harsh environments where it is tough for human workers to work.

It can be deployed in a variety of different applications and gives high-quality results; its safety valves and pressure gauges and faster response automatically make it a better and more durable option for you.

Dodo machines’ refrigerant check valve guarantees accurate and effective results.

6.     What safety measures should be followed while using the refrigerant check valve brazing machine?

شکل 5. اقدامات احتیاطی ایمنی هنگام لحیم کاریFigure 5: Safety precautions when brazing

Although the refrigerant check valve brazing machine is an ultimate safer option for you in your brazing processes, it can even become a danger if you don’t take the basic safety precautions.

You should strictly follow these precautions when using an automatic brazing machine.

  1. Wear appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, etc.
  2. During brazing, highly flammable and toxic fumes are produced, so you should wear safety glasses to protect your face and eyes.
  3. You must ensure that the workplace you are working in has proper ventilation.
  4. Make sure the system is leak-free.
  5. Follow proper guidelines and techniques for brazing.

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