Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machine

Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machine Description

Refrigeration Pipe is currently the most important one is copper pipe, and there are also a small part of aluminum pipe and stainless steel pipe.
The main reason for the use of copper pipes for Refrigeration Pipe is that copper has excellent ductility and thermal conductivity, and the use of brazing to link individual copper pipes is the most common process.

The fully automatic brazing machine of DoDo Machinery can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce labor, and provide yield.

Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machine Product Series

Kaus Celana Tembaga

Kaus Celana Tembaga

Copper Pant Tee adalah pengelasan tembaga dan tembaga yang khas, yang memiliki keunggulan alami dibandingkan mematri otomatis pada pipa kecil tersebut

pipa cabang

Pipa Cabang

Pipa Cabang merupakan jenis pipa tembaga dengan banyak jenis. Kami akan merancang perkakas yang sesuai untuk membuat mesin mematri otomatis bekerja secara normal.

Kepala Distributor Kuningan

Kepala Distributor Kuningan

Kepala Distributor Kuningan membutuhkan kepala tembaga dan pengelasan tabung tembaga, mematri adalah proses yang disukai, mesin mematri otomatis dapat dengan cepat dan akurat menemukan posisi tautan, dan kualitasnya stabil

Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machine Features

  • Waktu Makan yang Dapat Disesuaikan
  • Memanaskan lebih dulu
  • Sistem Pemadam Kebakaran Nitrogen
  • Katup Solenoid Gas SMC
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Tombol Manual/layar sentuh
  • Penggerak Motor Stepper
  • Kaca Pengaman
  • Sakelar Sensor Omron
  • Layar sentuh, panel kontrol berbasis menu dan multi bahasa
Mesin Pemateri Otomatis

Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machine Advantages

Meningkatkan efisiensi

Mesin yang sepenuhnya otomatis dapat meningkatkan kapasitas produksi hingga 10 kali lipat 20 kali lipat

Tingkatkan Kualitas

Kualitas mematri otomatis stabil dan tidak akan berfluktuasi karena faktor buatan

Biaya rendah

Mesin yang sepenuhnya otomatis menghemat waktu dan menggunakan bahan dengan lebih tepat, menghemat biaya.

Mesin penjaga penjara

Kami meningkatkan layanan purna jual, Anda tidak perlu khawatir, layanan waktu angkat

Pemasok Kami

Semua asesoris kami adalah pemasok merek-merek terkenal dunia, seperti Mitsubishi Group, Omron, dll.

Teknologi inti memiliki hak kekayaan intelektual independen dan merupakan penelitian dan pengembangan yang sepenuhnya independen.

Kami tidak membuat barang konsumsi biasa. Pelanggan harus menggunakannya selama 10 atau bahkan 30 tahun setelah pembelian. Kualitas dan daya tahan adalah pertimbangan utama kami.

Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machine Brazing​ Guide

A refrigeration pipe brazing machine is a useful tool in the refrigeration industry. The brazing method is the best method to create strong pipes and make them leakproof.

There are different metals involved but copper pipes are mostly used in refrigeration pipes and brazing machines make the process efficient and speedy.

1.     What Is Brazing?

Brazing is the method used in many industries, especially in the HVAC industry. The pipes and tubes of mostly copper are joined together by the use of heat and filler metal to fill any gap between the two joining metals.

Automatic brazing machines are the need of the day as they create the brazed pipes in very less time and help in mass production to be complete quickly.

2.     What Is The Importance Of Refrigeration Pipe?

Refrigeration pipe is mostly used in the HVAC industry and the most suitable metal is the copper tube. Copper is used in the refrigeration industry because it has the best thermal conductivity and ductility.

In some cases, aluminum and steel pipes are also used in refrigeration pipes. These refrigeration pipes carry the refrigerant from one part to another to ensure that the cooling effect is not damaged.

3.     What Is The Process Of Brazing?

Brazing is the process when two metal pipes are combined so that no hole remains. Brazing is a widely used phenomenon and it is used in the refrigeration industry, hot and cool water facilities, and air-conditioners.

In this method, the filler metal is melted with heat and it fills the spaces between the joints till no spaces remain. This phenomenon is called brazing which is highly effective when done with the help of refrigeration pipe brazing machines.refrigeration pipe brazing machine

4.     What Are The Benefits Of A Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machine?

Brazing machines like refrigeration pipe brazing machine is very useful when we need a high yield of brazed pipes. Some benefits of the refrigeration pipe brazing machine are as follows


The automatic refrigeration pipe brazing machine can make more brazed pipes in less time. The brazing machine creates efficiently more brazed joints in less time without any leakage.

High Quality

The refrigeration pipe brazing machine can make brazed joints that are high quality and leak proof. The refrigeration pipe brazing machine can make the brazing process without any human error and therefore you can see that there are very less chances of leakage in these joints.

Cost Effective

The refrigeration pipe brazing machine is a one-time spend that can save you a lot of money you don’t have to pay the labor to do the brazing that this machine can do for you.

The heating process makes the joints stronger only the necessary portions of the metal parts are heated during brazing making it the best method for your use.

After-Sale Service

This service helps the users to easily understand the working of the machine by the information sharing from the manufacturers.refrigeration pipe brazing machine

5.     What Are The Products Of Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machines?

There are many products and types of pipes that are made after brazing from refrigeration pipe brazing machine and these pipes are mostly used in cooling and heating systems. Some of examples of these pipes are

Pipa Cabang

The branch pipe is a pipe that divides into two branches. Mostly copper pipes are used to make branch pipes in the HVAC industry because of their efficient working capacity.

Kaus Celana Tembaga

The copper pant tee is a tube that has a u-shape on one end of it, this pipe is used in the refrigeration industry and with help of the refrigeration pipe brazing machine the copper pant tee is made strong and resilient.

Kepala Distributor Kuningan

Brass distribution head is mainly used for distributing evaporator, and condenser. It is also useful because the refrigerant flows to the evaporator and condenser through the brass distributor.

The quality of the joints in the refrigeration pipe brazing machine is very good and stable. The brazing machine can find the link position in the joint easily.refrigeration pipe brazing machine

6.     What Are The Metals Used In Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machines?

Brazing is the process of fitting together metals with a precision that is then used in the refrigeration industry. The metals that can easily be brazed through induction brazing are steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and iron.

7.     What Are The Main Features Of Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machines?

The quality and precision of the joints made by the refrigeration pipe brazing machine are because of the features of the brazing machine, the features of dodo machine’s refrigeration pipe brazing machine are described below

  • Adjustable Feeding time
  • Manual screen
  • Preheating 
  • Touch screen 
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Gas solenoid valve
  • Safety glass
  • Multi-language control panels
  • Manu based screen
  • Sakelar sensor Omron

8.     What Are The Points To Consider Before Getting A Refrigeration Pipe Brazing Machine? 

There are several crucial elements to think about and verify in the business to get the greatest outcomes from induction brazing, including:

  • Type of the material you want to braze so that the specific brazing machine can be ordered. 
  • There are choices like customization available in some manufacturers of the brazing machine industry.
  • The working procedures per minute also should be considered before.
  • The space of the machine so that the machine can be fitted in the desired spot.
  • The type of heat source used in the machine so that the desired gas can be provided to carry out the brazing procedure.

9.     Where Can We Get The Best Induction Brazing HVAC Industry?

You can find many manufacturers for induction brazing HVAC industry but mesin dodo are known for the best equipment.

They can customize the refrigeration brazing machine according to your need easily and they can make the best brazing machine for your factory and help you braze more joints in less time.

The refrigeration pipe brazing machine can be bought once and then used for many years. Dodo machines create high quality and precise brazing machines that have installation guidance with them for the buyers so that they do not experience any problems.

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