Macchina con valvola di inversione a 4 vie

4-way Reversing Valve Machine Description

4-way Reversing Valve reclaiming, punching, and assembly of parts can be automated, which can speed up and provide efficiency

The overall efficiency can be increased to 1800 per hour

4-way Reversing Valve welding is also an important part of the assembly line, automatic welding, both safety and quality assurance, the speed can be increased to 20pic per minute.

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4-way Valve Brass End Cap Brazing

Because there are plastic parts inside, we use cold water to cool down, and strictly control the heating time, induction heating can better achieve this.

4-way Reversing Valve Machine Features

  • Speed increase 1800 per hour
  • Quality assurance, the ultimate reduction of human interference
  • Multiple valves can be produced
  • It has been used for a long time by Sanhua, the largest refrigeration valve manufacturer in China
  • Qualità stabile
  • 5 years warranty
  • Turnkey machine, no need to worry about Dodo arranging training to use it
  • After-sales help, 7*24 hours telephone
Macchina con valvola di inversione a 4 vie

Products Produced by 4-way Reversing Valve Machine

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Copper 4-way Reversing Valve

Copper 4-way Reversing Valve is currently the mainstream product in the market, because of the good thermal conductivity of copper, Dodo Machine’s automatic production line can do most of the work.

Valvola di inversione a 4 vie

Stainless Steel 4-Way Valve

Because of the advancement of technology, Stainless Steel 4-Way Valve is now also used on a large scale. Stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and lower failure rate, but the production requirements are very high, but Dodo Machine can solve it.

4-way Reversing Valve Machine Advantages

Migliora l'efficienza

Una macchina completamente automatica può aumentare la capacità produttiva di 10 volte 20 volte

Migliora la qualità

La qualità della macchina automatica è stabile e non oscillerà a causa di fattori umani

Basso costo

Le macchine completamente automatiche fanno risparmiare tempo e utilizzano i materiali in modo più preciso, risparmiando sui costi.

Macchina chiavi in mano

Miglioriamo il servizio post-vendita, non hai preoccupazioni, servizi di sollevamento

I nostri fornitori

Tutti i nostri accessori sono fornitori di marchi di fama mondiale, come Mitsubishi Group, Omron, ecc.

La tecnologia di base ha diritti di proprietà intellettuale indipendenti ed è ricerca e sviluppo completamente indipendenti.

Non produciamo normali beni di consumo. I clienti devono utilizzarli per 10 o anche 30 anni dopo l'acquisto. Qualità e durata sono le nostre considerazioni primarie.

4-way Reversing Valve Machine Buying Guide

4 way reversing valve machine is used to produce and bend the 4 way reversing valves that helps convert cooling systems to heating systems and can also help defrost.

These machines are making the bending of the tubes easier with heat and cold techniques used to bend the tubes and create 4 way reversing valves.

4 way reversing valve is the most critical tool in heat pump systems. They cannot work without 4 way reversing valve. 4 way reversing valve changes the path of gas in cooling and heating, which makes the cooling and heating effects.

1.    What Is 4 Way Reversing Valve Machine?

A 4 way reversing valve machine is used to shape, bend, and flare the ends of tubes. These machines are used for specifying and making many types of tube shapes and designs like rounding, expansion, bulging, and swaging.  

4 way reversing valve machine  Figure 1 4 Way Reversing Valve Machine

2.    What Is the Right Metal to Bend with a 4 Way Reversing Valve Machine?

The four-way reversing valve machine can turn and shape the tubes with a diameter of 4 to 20mm. You can mold any metal from the 4 way reversing valve machine. Even stainless steel, mild steel, and carbon steel can be used to reshape this machine. 

4 way reversing valve machineFigure 2 4 Way Reversing Valve Machine Structure

3.    Why Do We Need 4 Way Reversing Valve?

We need 4 way reversing valve with the increasing need of inverting the cooling and heating settings of a refrigerator and air conditioner. With the increase in global warming, weather change is not so predictable, making us need products that can act as cooling and heating aid. 

The 4 way reversing valve makes bending of valves of different metals possible. The valves are an essential part of many industries like lighting, medical, gym equipment, air-

conditioner, automotive, motorcycle, engineering, and construction.

Different models of the products provide a vast range of capacity, configuration, and connection sizes for better applications. Still, the use of 4 way reversing valves is used in every one of them.

4.    What Is 4 Way Reversing Valve Brazing Machine?

4-way reversing valve brazing machine is based on the concept of brazing, which uses heat to melt the metals so that they can attach or reshape.

Dodo machine used these 4-way reversing valve brazing machines to create 4-way reversing valves to be used later in different types of machinery like refrigerators or air conditioners.  


4 way reversing valve machineFigure 3 4 Way Reversing Valve

5.    How Does 4 Way Reversing Valve Machine Work?

4 way reversing valve machine works like valve making machine, and its main points are

The nozzle is made of high heating material that can withstand high temperatures and is reliable.

The neck and nozzle of the machine are heated by an electric heater that provides uninterrupted heat to the valves.

The integrated hydraulic system can provide pressure to a dual set of valves. It helps mold, open, clamp, and snap the valve.

The Japanese stove provides continuous heating and helps us avoid the defects

6.    What Are the Features of 4 Way Reversing Valve Machine?

There are certain features of 4 way reversing valve machine that makes it unique. These are:

·       Fully Automatic

The machine’s and touch screen’s fully automatic function makes it easy to operate. Man-machine face interaction and intuitive operation s essential for the machine’s easy operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

·       Injection Part

Injection boosting effects of this machine help in making the 100% efficiency in the machine possible.

·       Clamping Part     

The production of these machines, correct mechanics, and kinetic stimulation tests ensure the clamping part of the machine can eject the valve after the die-casting process. 

7.    What Are the Types of 4 Way Reversing Valve Machines?

There are features you should consider before buying 4 way reversing valve machine. These features determine the operation of the machine and its efficiency. Different techniques of the tube bending machines describe these features. 

Material of the Tube

It is the first and most important factor, the type of the valve material and the reason for bending the tube.

According to the types and different approaches, the 4 way reversing valve machines are divided into two types. The shapes of 4 way reversing valves depend on these bending methods.

  • Hot Bending Machine
  • Cold Bending Machine

Hot Bending Machine

This bending of the tubes for 4 way reversing is also called an induction bending machine. In this method, the pipes of the machine are heated to the degree that when the 4 way reversing valve material arrives, you can easily bend it according to the needed angle.

The use of heat in this method makes the material of valves softer, which makes them bend without the need for too much force.

Cold Bending Machine

This tube banding machine uses no heat; only mechanical energy is used to bend tubes. This machine is operated by mechanical force to change the shapes and configuration of valve tubes.

The physical force is used to cover the pipe around the die. This method uses another shape or dies to bend the pipe successfully.

8.    What Are the Specifications of the 4 Way Valve Machine?

You must consider these specifications before buying a 4 way reversing valve machine. The specifications are:

  • Progetto
  • Durabilità
  • Qualità
  • Capacity
  • Bending accuracy


Design is the most important of all the specifications. Anyone who wants to buy a 4 way reversing valve machine has to consider the design and types of bends provided by the machine. 

Only a design compatible with your needs will satisfy you. Also, getting a design that is easy to use can help you in many ways. Also, a plan with many methods of bending pipes will be best to purchase.


Effective bending of tubes and valves by the machines mostly depends on the use of tools and their durability. Robust, high-quality, and practical tools make the machine work smoothly.  

Choosing machines with a high standard of tools for your machines can improve the bending of 4 way reverse valves. Selecting the right machinery leads to fewer defects in tube valves.


You should select a high-end machine that provides high quality and can be used for a more extended period. Selecting any machine with less quality may result in many errors in operation.


Before purchasing the 4 way reversing valve bending machine, you should compare the capacity with the machine. Because of the specific features of machine capacity, you may need a different diameter of tube bending, and the machine might offer a different setup.

There are specific points in capacity specifications of 4 way reversing valve machines that are,

  • Tube diameter
  • Type of metal used in tube
  • The technique of tube bending
  • Pipe radius to bend 

Bending Accuracy

4 way reversing machines can provide accuracy in bends for high-quality tools and manufacturers. The selection of a machine has to specify the percentage of accuracy a machine offers for fewer errors and less time wastage. 

9.    What Are the Types of Metals 4 Way Reversing Valve Machine Can Bend?

4 way reversing valve machines are used to make the 4 way reversing valves, and different metals are used to make these valves. The metals are, 

  • Titanio 
  • Rame
  • Alluminio
  • Nickel alloys
  • Acciaio al carbonio 
  • Superalloys
  • Acciaio inossidabile
  • Ottone

10. Where to Buy the Best 4 Way Reversing Valve Machine?

4 way reversing valve machine is produced by many manufacturers in china, and they transport it to other countries. You can get it customized by the manufacturers also.

You must check the reviews before purchasing and ordering because gas leaking may occur in low-quality 4 way reversing valves made by low-quality machines. It would help if you decided on the metal and the machine with the proper tools to make your 4 way reversing valves. You can get copper or steel 4 way reversing valve-making machines according to your need.

Dodomacchina makes the best 4 way reversing valve machines.

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