Induction Heater For Brazing

Induction Heater For Brazing Description

Induction Heater is a commonly used heating method in the brazing process.
The most important quality requirement for brazing is that the flux needs to flow into the gap to achieve a perfect seal, induction heating has no flame shielding, and the entire process can be observed visually, which makes the quality control of the product easier,

when such as the use of DoDo provides Fully automatic induction brazing machine, the whole brazing process can be controlled by Mitsubishi PLC program to achieve better quality.
Induction Heater has the following advantages:

  1. Safety
  2. 裸火禁止
  3. 速い
  4. Visual brazing/welding
  5. Environmental protection


  • 調整可能な給餌時間
  • 予熱
  • 窒素消火設備
  • SMCガスソレノイドバルブ
  • 三菱シーケンサ
  • 手動キー/タッチスクリーン
  • ステッピングモータードライブ
  • 安全ガラス
  • オムロン センサースイッチ
  • タッチスクリーン、メニューベース、多言語コントロールパネル













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An induction heater is the most efficient method that you can use for the brazing of primarily conductive metals. The induction heater can create the heat within the metal that we want to braze by using an electromagnetic field.

When the induction heater is placed near the metal, you want to braze, and the alternating electric current can induce the current in the brazing metal and causes the production of heat.

The induction heater is the best way to induce heat because it can only cause heat production in the metals, and the person working can be completely unharmed because the induction heater produces no flame.

1.     What Is Induction Heater? 

The induction heater provides heat to the metals through a coil. The induction heater uses an electromagnet to produce the heat.

You can use the induction heater for brazing and soldering purposes to join the metals. Copper, brass, aluminum, and steel can be brazed using an induction heater. The induction heater can produce heat in soft and magnetic metals.

An induction heater is safer as it does not create fire or fumes that can cause pollution or burn anyone directly.

2.     What Is Brazing? 

Brazing is a method that is used to join two metals. Brazing uses heat to melt the filler metal to fill the spaces between the two metal parts.

The brazing method is highly recommended to join the two metals because of the quality of joints it produces. The joints are precise and leakproof, making it the best way to join two metals.

Induction Heater Brazing高周波ろう付け

3.     What Are the Crucial Steps in Induction Heater Brazing?

Because of its safety, induction heater brazing is a better method of joining metal parts. The joints of induction heater brazing are made by following the steps below.

  • Clean the ends of the metals you want to join and bring them close to see if they fit together
  • Then apply flux to the joint and keep them together. Flux helps in the proper binding of the joint creating a strong joint
  • Apply heat through an induction heater to the joint and apply the filler metal to the joint. Filler metal consists of a metal alloy having low melting points.
  • The heat melts filler metal and fills the space between the joint combining the two metals.
  • The last step is cleaning the joint, checking it for any leakage, and polishing it if needed.

These are the steps that make high-quality brazed joints. 

Products of Induction Heater Brazing

The products produced using the induction heater brazing are:

  • The refrigeration service valve.
  • Copper pant tee.
  • Refrigerant check valve.
  • Refrigeration valve.
  • Brass distributor head.
  • Branch pipe.

Induction Heater BrazingInduction Heater Brazing

4.     Why Do We Use Induction Heater in Brazing? 

Induction heaters are used in the brazing process because it is less time-consuming, and the heat produced is more central to the brazing point. 

The induction heaters produce heat free from flame and fumes, making them safer and eco-friendly. 

Induction heaters are used in the brazing process to minimize the loss of energy and to save the cost of the experienced workers that carry out the brazing process because the induction heater brazing can easily be automated. 

5.     What Are the Benefits of Using an Induction Heater in Brazing? 

The benefits of using the induction heater in brazing are: 

  • An induction heater is a fast heating equipment. It is much quicker when used for brazing.
  • Heat application in the induction heater is exact because heat application is precisely on the brazing joint, and no heat s lost.
  • Safe for people and their environment because no flame can burn people, but the hot metals can be dangerous if touched
  • This heating method is simple and efficient in brazing, making anyone work on the induction heater without much experience.
  • The heat applied through an induction heater is more localized, which creates reliable joints.

Induction Heater BrazingBenefits of Induction Heater Brazing

6.     Why Is Induction Heater Brazing Better than Flame Brazing? 

The induction heater brazing method can braze more joints when compared to flame brazing because the heater can transfer more heat to the brazing joint than flame heating.

Induction heater brazing is a method that is much faster than flame brazing, and it can cost us less time and energy. The induction heater is more affordable as it consumes no gas for flame production. 

An induction heater brazing is more precise, and the joints are stronger due to the localized application of heat through an induction heater. Also, the process is eco-friendly and safe, and it can be automated to reduce the use of labor.

In flame brazing, the heat applied through flame cannot be increased or reduced, but when we use an induction heater for brazing, the temperature range can be selected, making it a better method than flame brazing.

7.     What Are the Features of an Induction Heater for a Brazing Machine?

Many manufacturers make induction heaters, and they may be manual or automatic. The automatic induction heaters have different features that are described below:

  • The induction heaters that are used in brazing and soldering have the element of preheating 
  • An induction heater’s most important feature is that the heat is produced inside the metal that we want to braze, and the filler metals also
  • Induction heaters are very fast, and this feature makes the process less time-consuming than using other heating methods
  • The automatic induction heaters have touchscreen input panels to insert information regarding the temperature of the heat
  • Sensor switch can help to turn off the electricity when the heating is completed

8.     Where to Get the Best Induction Heater Brazing Machine? 

The induction heater brazing machines are among the best ways to braze the metal joints, which can be copper to copper, copper to brass, brass to brass, aluminum to copper, and steel to copper.

These types of joints are used in the refrigerator industry and the plumbing of hot and cool kinds of equipment. These industries need induction heater brazing to improve their brazing by consuming less time and energy. 

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