Induction Soldering Copper Pipe

Induction Soldering Copper Pipe Description

Copper Pipe is more suitable for induction brazing. Generally speaking, copper pipes are long, and the welding ring of induction brazing can be inserted and removed quickly.

Other benefits of induction welding:

  • 速い
  • Visualization
  • Clean – no extra gas to vent
  • Safety – don’t worry about fire
  • Environmental friendly


  • Adjustable feeding time – more precise fusion
  • Preheating – Preheating in advance can improve efficiency
  • Cooling water system – rapid water cooling can prevent oxidation
  • 三菱シーケンサ
  • Manual keys/touch screen
  • Stepper motor drive – perfect and precise
  • Safety glass – protect operator safety
  • Omron sensor switch
  • Touchscreen, menu-based multilingual control panel













Copper Pant Tee は典型的な銅と銅の溶接であり、このような小さなパイプの自動ろう付けよりも自然な利点があります。




















Induction Soldering Copper Pipe Unlimited Guide

Copper pipes are used in the daily items around us, and to join the two ends of the copper pipe, induction soldering is a process used.

You can get an induction soldering machine for the soldering of copper pipes to create the perfect joint for refrigerators or air conditioners.

1.      What Is Induction Soldering?

Induction soldering can join two metals with the help of induction heating, and in this process, metals are joined after melting filler metal in the joint. 

In induction soldering, less heat is used to melt the filler alloy metals. When the filler metal melts, the joint is soldered and ready.

2.      Can You Use an Induction Brazing Machine for Soldering Copper Pipe?

Many manufacturers make machines that are used in induction brazing and soldering procedures. These machines can do the soldering process because soldering and brazing are only different in terms of the temperature applied. 

In induction brazing, the heat applied only targets the area where the coil that provides heat is placed for your ease.

Induction Soldering Copper Pipes Induction Soldering Copper Pipes

3.      Is Brazing and Soldering the Same?

Brazing is the joining of metals, and it is used to join metal pipes made of different materials like copper, brass, and iron.

Soldering is also a method to join the metals like copper and brass. The joints made from the soldering method are less strong than those made from the brazing method.

The brazing of metals requires more heat than soldering. In the soldering method, less energy is used, and as a result, the joints are also not as strong as brazed joints.

In many types of uses of metals, the soldering method is perfect, and therefore the induction soldering of copper pipes is essential.

4.      What Are the Uses of Copper Pipes?

Copper pipes are used in the following:

  • Plumping equipment
  • Copper pipes are used in the generators of hot water and cold water
  • In the vehicles and toys industry
  • Copper pipes are also used in the making of space materials
  • With time the uses of copper are increasing, and you can create whatever you want with copper pipes keeping in mind that copper pipes could be stronger.
  • Refrigerators and cooling equipment like air-conditioners also use copper pipes
  • Copper pipes are also used in the healthcare industry for the making of medical equipment
  • You can use copper pipes for making beautiful furniture accessories to beautify your home

5.      What Are the Benefits of Induction Soldering?

  • The benefits of induction soldering are many, and one of them is the exact spot of heat application possible due to the use of the induction heating method.
  • Induction soldering provides us with the fastest way of soldering copper pipes.
  • Induction soldering gives the copper pipes a consistent heat to the joint that can be repeated with the induction heat to solder the copper joints properly.
  • You can easily solder copper pipes with induction soldering machines without any direct connection of a person.
  • In this process, less energy is consumed to create the soldering of copper pipes.
  • The process is precise as there are fewer chances of mistakes in the soldering of copper pipes through induction soldering machines.
  • The risk of human error is almost zero in the induction soldering of copper pipes. 

Induction Soldering Copper PipesInduction Soldering

6.      What Can We Make Using an Induction Brazing Machine? 

Induction brazing machines are used for heating and cooling equipment like refrigerant check valves, refrigeration valves, and refrigeration service valves.

These machines are used when making parts for different medical equipment and vehicles. These brazing machines are the trend of this year.

7.      What Are the Benefits of Using an Automatic Induction Brazing Machine?

The main benefits of automatic induction brazing machines are: 

  1. The soldered joints made by the automatic brazing machines are precise, and there are significantly fewer chances of error
  2. The automatic brazing machines are time-saving, and you can save a lot of time by using these machines
  3. You need considerably fewer workers to work on the machines; therefore, you can save money through an automatic induction brazing machine. You have to spend money once on the machine, and that is it.

11. Where Can You Find the Best Induction Brazing Machines?

Many manufacturers, like dodo machines, make machines that can help in the induction soldering of copper pipes. You can also order these online and get them delivered if you prefer.

The machines from the dodo machine are reliable and strong, and another positive point is the customization of these machines that are used for soldering and brazing according to the correct size.

The automatic brazing machine from the dodo machine can help you make perfectly soldered joints in significantly less time and work, making it the most efficient method of producing copper soldered pipes.