4 Way Rv Production Line

This is a private page introducing the 4 way rv production line

Briefly introduce our production steps, the raw materials are generally copper tubes.
I will keep updating

  1. The first step is to cut these 4 tubes to the required size
  2. Manufactured into desired shape
  3. Mosiężnictwo
  4. Czyszczenie
  5. Testowanie

Introduction To Basic Knowledge

The first paragraph introduces the tube system and process of 4 way rv

4 way rv is shown in the picture, with 4 external tubes.

We call them S tube, EC tube, D tube.

S tube

EC tube

D tube

Tube Plan 1

This is a solution with a lower level of integration than Plan 2. It requires a large number of machines, but the cost will be lower. The connection between steps can be done by manipulators or manually.

Tube Cutting

All tubes(S,D,EC) can be cut to required length first by cutting machine.

Oil/gas pressure : 0mpa/0.5-0.8mpa


Power rating:6.5kw

S Tube End Forming

S Tube End Forming

Oil/gas pressure : 0-3.5mpa/0.5-0.8mpa


Power rating:6.5kw

EC Tube End Forming

EC Tube End Forming

Oil/gas pressure : 3-7 mpa/0.5-0.8mpa


Power rating:8kw

D Tube End Forming

D Tube End Forming

Oil/gas pressure : 0-7 mpa/0.5-0.8mpa


Power rating:7.5kw

Tube Plan 2

This solution integrates several steps as much as possible, which is faster and reduces the handling of parts, but the cost will be higher.

EC/S /D Tube End Forming And Punching

EC/S /D Tube These three tubes have a direct-from-raw solution, including punched holes

Oil/gas pressure : 2-12 mpa/0.5-0.8mpa


Power rating:13kw


Brazing is the welding of all parts together.

Tube Cutting

Oil/gas pressure : 0mpa/0.4-0.6mpa


Power rating:2kw


Brazed valves need to be cleaned before testing

polerka magnetyczna

In order to protect the capillary, the polishing groove will be designed as a rectangle, I don’t have the video footage of the rectangle, it is a circle in the video.


Power rating:12.5kw


The last step is testing.

There is no video for this, but the principle is very simple, by injecting air into the 4 way rv, then submerging it into the water, and observing whether there is air leakage through the barometer and visual inspection.

Maszyna do testowania akumulatorów chłodniczych

4 Way Rv Production Line Buying Guide

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