Brasagem de Alumínio

Aluminum Brazing Description

Aluminum melts easily, and propane gas is enough to weld aluminum.

It should be noted that since aluminum is easy to melt, it is necessary to accurately control the time according to the thickness of the material, otherwise the material will overheat, which is not conducive to the later brazing. Point too thin problem.

Dodo Machinery adopts Mitsubishi precision control unit to solve this problem perfectly.

Aluminum Brazing Product Series

Evaporador laminado Ac

Evaporador laminado Ac

A large number of aluminum materials are used in automotive evaporators. The power of on-board compressors is generally relatively small, and the efficiency of aluminum materials is sufficient to meet the needs.

Bus air condition valve

Bus air conditioner valve

Also because the power of the passenger car air conditioner is small, the aluminum valve is enough to meet the needs

Manual Range Oil Refrigerator Gas Charging Vale

Gas Charging Valve

Aluminum material is widely used in various valves

Recursos da máquina de brasagem automática

  • Tempo de alimentação ajustável
  • pré-aquecer
  • Sistema de Extinção de Incêndio por Nitrogênio
  • Válvula Solenóide de Gás SMC
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Teclas manuais/tela sensível ao toque
  • Acionamento do motor de passo
  • Vidro de segurança
  • Interruptor Sensor Omron
  • Tela sensível ao toque, painéis de controle multilíngues e baseados em menus
Máquina de Brasagem Automática

Vantagens da máquina de brasagem automática

Melhorar a eficiência

Uma máquina totalmente automática pode aumentar a capacidade de produção em 10 vezes 20 vezes

Melhorar a qualidade

A qualidade da brasagem automática é estável e não flutua devido a fatores artificiais

Baixo custo

Máquinas totalmente automáticas economizam tempo e usam materiais com mais precisão, economizando custos.

Máquina chave na mão

Melhoramos o serviço pós-venda, você não se preocupa, serviços de elevação

Nossos Fornecedores

Todos os nossos acessórios são fornecedores de marcas de renome mundial, como Mitsubishi Group, Omron, etc.

A tecnologia principal tem direitos de propriedade intelectual independentes e é pesquisa e desenvolvimento completamente independentes.

Não estamos fabricando bens de consumo comuns. Os clientes precisam usá-los por 10 ou até 30 anos após a compra. Qualidade e durabilidade são nossas principais considerações.

Aluminum Brazing Guide

Usually, when we think about joining two metal parts in order to repair or fabricate something, the first solution that pops into our head is welding. Since welding is only effective in certain circumstances, you might consider strictly aligning your needs with it. But let me tell you that there is a method more effective and robust that will cater to all your requirements and provide long-lasting results.

That’s right; such a solution is called aluminum brazing. In this method, metals are repaired and combined using aluminum and molten metals. Aside from that, if you want to learn more about aluminum brazing, you’ll find plenty of information below.

1. What Distinguishes Brazing Aluminum From Aluminum Welding?

Aluminum brazing is an excellent method of combining materials because of its high degree of adaptability. However, if you decide to use aluminum brazing instead of welding, you should be aware of the differences between the two approaches.

Brasagem de AlumínioFigure 1. Brazing Aluminum.

Although brazing aluminum has certain characteristics that are only found in it, there are a few key distinctions that set it apart from welding and make it a more desirable method.

  • Neat finish: In comparison to welding, brazing aluminum often takes place at high temperatures, which is one of the many features that set it apart. Because of this, it produces a higher level of cleanliness and an overall superior finish than welding does.
  • Easy to operate: When compared to welding, brazing is far easier to work with and produces a junction that is more even and free of pitting or bumps than its counterpart.
  • More speed: Aluminum brazing is a substantially faster way of joining metals than welding. As a result, aluminum brazing is a good option for metalworking applications that need speed.
  • Cost-effective: Brazing Aluminum is also more cost-effective than welding. In addition to this, there is a reduction in the amount of waste material, which is a result of the decreased use of fuel.
  • Automated operation: Aluminum brazing can be automated if necessary, which makes it a suitable choice for large-scale operations that need the high-level accuracy that only machines can provide rather than that of humans.

2. Is Aluminum Brazing As Strong As Aluminum Welding?

Both aluminum welding and aluminum brazing are capable of creating a strong bond that keeps the metals intact. Both approaches result in durable and long-lasting joints; thus, the question that naturally arises is which approach is superior for a particular application.

These are the indicating factors that clearly suggest that aluminum brazing is much superior in strength to welding:

●      Flexibility:

The joints created by brazing aluminum are flexible, which means they are able to tolerate significant vibration and stress than welding does

●      High Temperature:

The temperatures required for brazing aluminum are much higher than those required for welding. Brazing takes place at temperatures of 580-620 ° C, whereas welding takes place at temperatures between 149 and 204 ° C.

●      No Heat Distribution Issues:

If heat is applied too little or unevenly, it could hurt the strength of an aluminum weld. But brazing aluminum doesn’t require heating the base metal, so there is no problem with the design.

3. What Are The Aluminum Brazing Supplies?

In order to successfully braze aluminum, you will need various tools and supplies. They are as follows:

  • A flux core wire brush/brush pliers
  • A flux pen or liquid flux
  • Brazing rods
  • A brazing torch
  • A brush and steel wool
  • Aluminum wire brushes
  • Welding helmet
  • Welding apron
  • Welding gloves

Moreover, to engage in brazing operations, you will require not only the essential tools and supplies but also a workshop space that is enough for the task. Keep in mind that welding should be done in a well-organized space that is free of anything flammable.

4. How Do You Braze Aluminum To Aluminum?

Carry out the steps listed below to braze aluminum onto aluminum.

Step 1: Remove any oil, grease, or aluminum oxide from the workpieces and brazing region. You may use an emery cloth or steel wool to remove the oxide layer from the brazing region. It is critical to have a clean brazing area so that a thick flux layer can be attached to the whole junction.

Step 2: Securely hold the piece of an aluminum workpiece using either a clamp or a vice.

Step 3: Flux should be applied using a brush depending on the temperature and the kind of aluminum being worked with.

Step 4: Use a Propane or acetylene torches to heat the area. You may notice bubbles forming on top of the flux throughout the heating process, and later a bright orange color appears on the aluminum. This usually occurs when the material is heated to extremely high temperatures.

Step 5: To fully complete the brazing process, let the heated workpiece cool and solidify. Dip or pour hot water over the brazed joint and scrub with a wire brush to eliminate any brazing residue that may have formed during the process. Now brighten the junction once the workpiece is cool using emery cloth.

Brasagem de AlumínioFigure 2. Illustration Of How To Braze Aluminum.

Hence with the above-mentioned instructions, you’ll easily be able to braze aluminum onto aluminum! This procedure takes practice, but soon you’ll become better and better with each task.

5. What Type Of Brazing Rod Is Used For Aluminum?

Aluminum is a popular metal choice because of its light weight and ease of fabrication. Moreover, it can be used in a wide variety of applications. Brazing aluminum rods are available in either a solid or flux core configuration. Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable brazing aluminum rod, it will totally depend on the choice of welding material for the project you have in mind.

Brasagem de AlumínioFigure 3. Brazing Aluminum Rods.

Aluminum brazing rods provide extra strength that filler wire alone can not provide. Aluminum filler rods are made of high-purity aluminum and consist of a higher melting point. As a result, you can also use aluminum brazing rods with other types of metal.

There are a wide variety of brazing rods available for purchase on the market, and it may be challenging to narrow down your options to choose the one that best meets your requirements. However, evaluations given by people who have tried several rods in the past may help you choose the best brazing aluminum rod for your needs. In addition to this, there is also an option where you can also get a brazing aluminum rod kit that includes filler rods and flux to use for your DIY projects.

6. How To Do Brazing Cast Aluminum Repair?

You can use Aluminum brazing to fix several defects like splits, holes, drips, screws, broken hooks, and seams. Additionally, you can also use it to make aluminum, cast aluminum, and cast iron. However, brazing cast aluminum can be problematic for any welder, and fixing cracks only add to the challenge. The following is an outline of the key steps involved in brazing cast aluminum repairs.

  • First, you have to prepare the welding area by eliminating the oxide layer using a solvent or brush to remove the defect.
  • Before brazing, you have to preheat the metal. In most cases, preheating will result in better brazing cast aluminum repair.
  • Use a brazing rod whose chemical composition is similar to that of the casting aluminum. Chemistry control in brazing is as important as it is in melting for casting aluminum.

Furthermore, the repaired area must be shaped after brazing. If you find that the repaired area has not been adequately cleaned or the colors are off, it will be a major concern. In short, if a brazing cast aluminum repair can be seen with the naked eye, it was done incorrectly.

Brasagem de AlumínioFigure 4. Illustration Of How To Fix A Crack.

7. Can You Braze Aluminum With A Heat Gun?

Brasagem de AlumínioFigure 5. Heat Gun

A heat gun is a must-have tool for DIY masters. Heat guns are known for their ability to remove paint and weld or bend plastics, but they can also be used for other purposes. The heat gun performs a number of functions, including starting and sustaining the electrical arc, creating and shaping the weld, and in some circumstances, supplying the gas shield. Now, the main question that has to be answered is whether or not you can braze aluminum with a heat gun.

Regardless of the fact that aluminum is a more complex metal to weld than other metals due to its distinctive metallurgical characteristics, it is nevertheless feasible to form a bond with aluminum by using a heat gun in conjunction with aluminum braze.

8. Can You Use Low Temp Aluminum Brazing Rods?

The primary goal of brazing aluminum is to produce the highest mechanical performance possible. The melting point temperature of each of the brazing rods you use is one of the most important things you need to know in order to properly process your base materials, as well as your filler metal, and use the correct temperatures with your workpiece.

Although the aluminum brazing rods with a greater melting point are preferred, what about those with a lower temperature? Can you utilize low-temperature aluminum brazing rods? The answer is Yes! You may braze aluminum by using low-temperature aluminum brazing rods in conjunction with a little amount of heat. The low-temperature aluminum brazing rods have a special feature that allows them to melt at a temperature of 730 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a far lower temperature than what is required to melt the metal itself.

A low temp aluminum brazing rods are great to work with. Especially if you want to use these rods in any kind of brazing process. Because the temperature is neither too low nor excessively high, it is a flexible choice that may be worked with.

These low-temperature aluminum brazing rods are tougher, reducing the parent material’s deformation during welding. You’ll also get a stronger weld than the original aluminum, even if you don’t use flux or other welding materials.

9. What Is Automatic Aluminum Brazing?

You have the option of using an automatic or manual system for brazing aluminum. However, Automatic aluminum brazing is a good option to consider if you need to conduct operations on a big scale and demand a high degree of precision, which is something that only machines can deliver.

An automated aluminum brazing machine is capable of making a hundred or more joints in an hour by a single operator. Auto brazing aluminum is a simple and straightforward process. The parts are typically held in place during the brazing process by stainless steel fixtures. The next step entails transporting the parts of the fixture through a process in which paste alloy is applied, and the metal is heated and cooled.

Assemblies made of steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum may all be joined using an automated brazing machine. Among the numerous possible heat sources for an automated brazing machine are a torch, flame, acetylene, gas/air, induction, resistance, infrared, oven, or furnace.

Strong, waterproof, and hermetically sealed joints may be produced with the help of automatic aluminum brazing machines. Filler metals are often used in auto brazing machines, and they may take the shape of a variety of solids, including rings, wire, slugs, washers, powder, and paste. The advantages of using autonomous aluminum brazing equipment are lower labor costs, lower reject rates, and higher product quality with no room for “human error.”



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