Lehimleme Evaporatör Bobini

Evaporator Coil Brazing Machine Description

Evaporator Coil is a very important component of the air conditioning system. Evaporator Coil Brazing needs to be firm, leak-proof, and durable. Because of the large number of solder joints, manual soldering will inevitably make mistakes. Evaporator Coil Brazing Machine increases the brazing speed and improves the brazing quality through automation.

bu Condenser and Evaporator are functionally different, but the manufacturing process is similar.

Evaporator Coil Brazing Machine Features

  • Multi-angle Firepower
  • Azotlu Yangın Söndürme Sistemi
  • SMC Gaz Solenoid Valfı
  • mitsubishi plc
  • Manuel Tuşlar/dokunmatik Ekran
  • Step Motor Sürücüsü
  • Omron Sensör Anahtarı
  • Dokunmatik ekranlı, menü tabanlı ve çok dilli kontrol panelleri

Products Produced by Evaporator Coil Brazing Machine

Brazing Condenser Coil

Lehimleme Evaporatör Bobini

It is very common for Evaporator Coil to use the brazing process, and automated brazing can effectively improve the yield of the product

Ac Laminated Evaporator

Brazing Aluminum Evaporator

Aluminum Evaporator is mainly used in small spaces such as automobiles, requiring high precision, mass production, and automatic brazing is the most cost-effective solution

Otomatik Lehimleme Makinesi

Evaporator In Refrigeration

Evaporator In Refrigeration industry has huge demand, whether it is air conditioner or heat pump, it is an essential component

Evaporator Coil Automatic Brazing Machine Advantages

Verimliliği artır

Tam otomatik bir makine üretim kapasitesini 10 kat 20 kat artırabilir.

Kaliteyi arttır

Otomatik lehimlemenin kalitesi sabittir ve yapay faktörler nedeniyle dalgalanmaz.

Düşük maliyetli

Tam otomatik makineler zamandan tasarruf sağlar ve malzemeleri daha hassas kullanır, maliyet tasarrufu sağlar.

Anahtar Teslim Makine

Satış sonrası hizmeti iyileştiriyoruz, endişelenmenize gerek yok, kaldırma süresi hizmetleri


Tüm aksesuarlarımız Mitsubishi Group, Omron vb. gibi dünyaca ünlü markaların tedarikçileridir.

Temel teknoloji, bağımsız fikri mülkiyet haklarına sahiptir ve tamamen bağımsız araştırma ve geliştirmedir.

Sıradan tüketim malları yapmıyoruz. Müşterilerin bunları satın aldıktan sonra 10 hatta 30 yıl kullanması gerekiyor. Kalite ve dayanıklılık öncelikli düşüncelerimizdir.

Evaporator Coil Brazing Machine Buying Guide

Air-conditioners have an important part named evaporating coil. The brazing process ensures the strong joint so that nothing is leaked to reduce the working of air-conditioners.

When learning about brazing evaporating coil, it is essential to know that air-conditioners also take air present in your room and return it after cooling it off.

1.     What Is Evaporating Coil? 

Evaporating coil is used in air-conditioners. Its function is to absorb and throw the heat from the inside out. 

The evaporating coil is in an air handler or it is sometimes attached to a heater.Role of Evaporator Coil in an Air-conditioner?

The evaporator coil function is to take the hot air of the room where the air-conditioner is working and then add the air to the refrigerant. 

Return ducts gather the indoor hot air from the room, and when they are passed near the copper tubes with refrigerant, the hot air is cooled and returned to the room.

   Lehimleme Buharlaştırma Bobini

2.     Why Is Brazing Evaporator Coil Important?

Brazing is a method of joining metals, and the evaporator coil has hot air which needs to be cooled down. 

To avoid any leakage, the evaporator coil is brazed so that the joint is solid and secure, and there are no chances of leakage to enhance the overall quality of the air-conditioner.

Lehimleme Buharlaştırma Bobini

3.     Why Is Brazing Machine Better than Manual Brazing?

Manual brazing is done one by one by hand, and a brazing machine is used for brazing the evaporator coil because of several reasons. 

  • The brazing machine is more precise, and there are fewer chances of leakage due to improper brazing.
  • Brazing machines are better when working on a large scale because they are fast and can braze more evaporator coils in less time, saving time and energy.
  • Using an automatic brazing machine can reduce the number of workers you need to braze the coils manually; therefore, it saves human resources.

4.     What are the Different Categories of Evaporator Coils?

You cannot deny the use of evaporator coils in air-conditioners, and certain types make a difference in the cooling outcome of an air-conditioner.

Lehimleme Buharlaştırma Bobini

A-Shaped Evaporator Coils

Structure-wise, this is the most useful and easy-to-understand type of evaporator coil. As the  

Outer slanted tubes and inner tubes that are filled with refrigerant. When hot air passes through the outer A-shaped slants, the refrigerant cools It down, and then it is reversed back to the room.

Many brands of high quality use this type of evaporator coil. The brands that use this type of evaporator coils are Lennox, Goodman, and Trane.

N-Coil or Z-Coil / Zigzag Evaporator Coils

These evaporator coils are more efficient, and many industries use them. They can be installed horizontally or vertically. 

The zigzag evaporator coils have a third leg of fins that make it take more hot air and output cold air, making it more valuable than other evaporator coils.

Slab Evaporator Coils

These evaporator coils are used in horizontal air-flow handles. They are less capable in their function, but they can be easily cleaned and use less space.

5.     What Are the Common Products of Brazing Evaporator Coil?

The most common products obtained from the brazing of evaporator coils are:

  • Brazing aluminum evaporator
  • Brazing N or Z-shaped evaporator coils
  • Evaporator in refrigerator
  • Aluma fin7 evaporator coil

6.     What Are the Common Steps in the Brazing Process of Automatic Evaporator Coil Brazing?

Some steps are followed in the brazing process, either manual or automatic.

  • First of all, the joints that we need to braze are cleaned
  • Then joints are held together, and flux is applied, which helps in solid brazing
  • Then the joints are placed how we want to join them 
  • This step is about the addition of filling metal. Filling metals are alloys of metals that quickly melt when heat is applied to fill the gaps between the joint and have a leak-proof and strong joint.
  • The last step is the cleaning process. In this step, the joint is cleaned and polished if needed. You can also check if the joint is leak-proof to feel sure about the joint.

7.     Why Cleaning the Evaporator Coil Is Important?

The evaporator coil is essential in cooling the air by the air-conditioner. If kept in bad condition, the corrosion can damage it.

The air-conditioner may use more energy, which can cause overheating if the evaporator coil is not cleaned or damaged.

8.     What Metals Are Used in Evaporating Coils?

Evaporating coils are made of metals that are quickly cooled, and these metals are light and, therefore, readily brazed to get the best quality brazing evaporator coils. Metals like aluminum, copper, and steel are used in evaporator coils.

Lehimleme Buharlaştırma Bobini

9.     Where to Get Brazing Evaporating Coil Brazing Machine?

Automatic coil brazing machines are used in the refrigerator and air-conditioner industry. You can order it online easily by checking the features online.

You can order a suitable evaporating coil brazing machine and get your machine delivered where you want. 

Dodo makineleri make the best of brazing machines that are automatic and efficient at their work. Their quality and reliability are exceptional, and you should check their machines before ordering from anywhere.


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