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DoDo Meets High Production HVAC Tube Bending Requirements

Copper Tube Bending Machine Description

As a CNC aluminum, copper and steel tube bending machine manufacturer, our machines are capable of processing a wide variety of pipe materials.

The video shows a copper pipe processing line, a machine widely used in the HVAC industry.

Our 3 founders have more than 20 years of experience in automation equipment manufacturing, providing production and processing solutions and machine manufacturing for China’s largest supplier of refrigeration valves.
The production speed is customized according to your tube material.

Copper Tube Bending Machine Features

  • Fast
  • Stable Quality
  • Easy To Use
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Multilingual Support
  • Integrated Function Of Cutting And Elbow
Bakır Boru Bükme Makinası

Products Produced by Copper Tube Bending Machine

Copper Tube Bending Machine Advantages

Verimliliği artır

Tam otomatik bir makine üretim kapasitesini 10 kat 20 kat artırabilir.

Kaliteyi arttır

Otomatik makinenin kalitesi sabittir ve insan faktörleri nedeniyle dalgalanmaz.

Düşük maliyetli

Tam otomatik makineler zamandan tasarruf sağlar ve malzemeleri daha hassas kullanır, maliyet tasarrufu sağlar.

Anahtar Teslim Makine

Satış sonrası hizmeti iyileştiriyoruz, endişelenmenize gerek yok, kaldırma süresi hizmetleri


Tüm aksesuarlarımız Mitsubishi Group, Omron vb. gibi dünyaca ünlü markaların tedarikçileridir.

Temel teknoloji, bağımsız fikri mülkiyet haklarına sahiptir ve tamamen bağımsız araştırma ve geliştirmedir.

Sıradan tüketim malları yapmıyoruz. Müşterilerin bunları satın aldıktan sonra 10 hatta 30 yıl kullanması gerekiyor. Kalite ve dayanıklılık öncelikli düşüncelerimizdir.

Copper Tube Bending Machine Buying Guide

Copper tube bending machines are the need of this time. With the weather changes, the demand for refrigerators has increased, and copper tubes are an essential part of these cooling accessories.

Copper tube bending machines reduce the workforce and provide accuracy with time conservation. As the weather becomes hotter and air-conditioning requires copper tubes, these copper tube bending machines are fundamental.

Many manufacturers are providing these tube bending machines with the option of customization, but before purchase, you need to know the vital information in this FAQ guide.

1.    What Is a Copper Tube Bending Machine?

Copper tube bending machines are primarily used for bending copper tubes in any direction. Mainly the copper tubes are stretched without heating while bending, making it an extraordinary bending procedure.

The resistance between the copper tubes and the bending gear can cause the malformation in copper tube bends; therefore, you can use oiling to reduce this problem.

You can easily bend copper tubes of different widths with these copper tube bending machines to any degree you want. These copper tube bending machines are available in fully automatic as well as in partial manual function.

Bakır Boru Bükme Makinası       Figure 1 Copper Tube Bending Machine

2.    How Does CNC Copper Tube Bending Machine Work?

The process of tube bending in a copper tube bending machine involves clamps, the main shaft with a bending die, and a mandrel. Clamps attach the tubes with themselves to prevent them from moving. 

The main shaft has a center bending die that bends the copper tubes. Mandrel and pressure die are the parts that prevent wrinkling of the tubes by filling the tubes with pressure. With shaft, copper tube rotates and fed. The desired bending radius depends on the bending die; for different radii, you need various radius bending tools. 

CNC copper tube bending machines are used for bending the tubes for different parts of motor vehicles and other electronics like refrigerators and air-conditioners. It would help if you got the CNC copper tube bending machine for your tubes’ precise and quality bending.

Copper Tube Bending Machine WorkingFigure 2 Copper Tube Bending Machine Working

3.    What Are the Specifications of a Copper Tube Bending Machine?

You can bend copper tubes easily, and when bent, they tend to retain their shape, but there are certain specifications for the copper tube bending machines.

The copper tube bending machine should be efficient in bending tubes and environment friendly without creating harmful chemicals for the environment.

It should provide quality with stability without the waste of time. You want to use less time with more yield of copper tubes bent.

The cost of the copper tube bending machines must be moderate for the consumers to get more benefits.

The degree of precision is significant for copper tube bending machines.

4.    What Are the Advantages of a Copper Tube Bending Machine?

The main advantages of using copper tube bending machines are:

  • Less Labor
  • More Precise
  • Less time, more yield
  • Low chances of leakage

Less Labor

When you use an automatic machine instead of a manual one, the workers operating the manual pipe bending machine are no longer needed. Therefore you have less labor and speedier bending of copper tubes.

More Precise

When manual work has been done, there are chances of human error that may cause the wrong angles of bending copper tubes, but in the case of machines, human error is not present. When the machine is working correctly, it is not causing any mistakes.

So, we can say that the advantage of using a copper tube bending machine is the precise bending of copper tubes.

Less Time Consuming and More Yield

You can bend more copper tubes in less time when using a copper tube bending machine. Whereas, when you use manual copper tube bending, you need more time, energy, and workers, which is a lengthy process.

Low Chances of Leakage

It has been seen that when the copper tubes are bent using copper tube bending machines, there are fewer chances of leakage. It may be due to less interaction of tubes with different surfaces or the precise bending of the pipes, but this is a significant advantage of using copper tube bending machines.

 Bended Copper TubeFigure 3 Bended Copper Tube

5.    What Are the Disadvantages of a Copper Tube Bending Machine?

There are some drawbacks of copper tube bending machines that are:

  • Expensive and large
  • Cannot bend large diameter tubes
  • Require a highly skilled operator of a machine

Expensive and Large

These copper tube bending machines are relatively costly and big and heavy. It would be best if you had a lot of space to accommodate these.

Cannot Bend Large Diameter Tubes

The copper tube bending machines can bend specific diameter tubes, and the copper tubes vanish when the diameter exceeds their capability to bend. Therefore, the copper tubes with more diameter are usually bent manually.

Require a Skilled Person to Operate

The copper tube bending machines are pretty speedy and accurate. Still, to operate them, you need to get anyone who has experience or gives training to the already present operator for the best experience.

6.    What Are the Types of Copper Tube Bending Machines?

Here are the main types of copper tube bending machines: 

  • CNC Copper tube bending machine
  • NC Copper tube bending machine
    • Hydraulic NC tube bending machine

CNC Copper Tube Bending Machine

The CNC copper tube bending machine is attached to a computer that gives directions about the angles to which the copper tubes must be bent. 

These bending machines are significantly less time-consuming and precise. The CNC copper tube bending machines do not need an operator to bend the copper tubes. It automatically uses the information to bend the copper tubes.

NC Copper Tube Bending Machine

The NC copper bending machine does not have the computer system attached for feeding the angles for bending copper tubes.

You need an operator of the machine to comprehend the degrees to which the copper tubes must be bent. NC copper tube bending machine cannot bend the copper tubes without a skilled operator.

Hydraulic NC Tube Bending Machine

The copper tube bending machine with the hydraulic NC tube bending is semi-automatic. This machine is mainly used where one tube of copper needs a single or more than one bend. 

Rotation of the copper tubes is controlled by hand, and feed is done manually. In this type of copper tube bending machine, solenoid valves are used to manage the speed of bending tubes and the yield flow of the hydraulic machine.

CNC Copper Tube Bending MachineFigure 4 CNC Copper Tube Bending Machine

7.    What Are the Applications of Copper Tube Bending Machines?

The main applications of copper tubes are listed and described below

Vehicle Industries

Many industries use copper tube bending machines. Mostly tube bending machines are used for industries that make vehicles like cycles, scooters, motorbikes, cars, airplanes, and ships. 


You can see the architectural industries using the copper tube bending machines, different metals have different looks, and therefore they use copper tubes. Also, they make beautiful art-like buildings and setups for which they need separate tube bending machines.

Cooling Appliances

Another application of copper tube bending machines is making appliances that help cool down the environment, like the refrigerator and air conditioners.

Heating Equipment

Copper tube bending machines are also used to make heat radiators and water heating equipment.

sıhhi tesisat

In some areas, copper pipes are used for plumbing, so copper tube bending machines are used for plumbing.

In Hospitals

For the patients who need oxygen for life support, copper pipes are used for storing and transporting oxygen to them due to the ability of copper to reduce microbial load and cause infection.

Gas Transport

Copper pipes are also used to transport the gas to the homes; therefore, copper tube bending machines are also used in the gas industry.

Figure 5 Uses of Bended Copper Tubes

8.    How Can You Check the Bending Copper Tube Machine Yield?

Copper tube machine yield means the resultant tubes bent by the machine in a specific time. Copper tube bending machines bend six tubes at a time and have a higher yield.

Left and right copper tube bending machines bend two tubes at a time. These two have a higher yield when compared to the manual copper tube bending machines and copper tube bending machines that bend one copper tube at a time.

9.    What Are the Different Techniques of Copper Tube Bender Machines?

Different techniques of copper tube bending include the following methods:

  • Manual Bending 
  • Semi-automatic Bending 
  • Electronic Bending 

Manual Bending Technique

In manual copper bending, a lever is used to hold the copper tube, and the copper is bent by human force. It does not need a fancy machine because a worker exerts the pressure to bend the copper tube. 

Semi-Automatic Bending Technique

It is also commonly called NC copper bending, and in this technique, the machine worker has to feed the desired bending angles, and the rotator also needs instructions from the machine worker. 

Electronic Bending or CNC Copper Bending

It is the fastest technique in which the computer bends the copper tubes. You have to feed the desired bending angles, and that’s it. No full-time worker is needed for this technique. 

Manual Copper Tube BendingFigure 6 Manual Copper Tube Bending

10. Can You Use Copper Tube Bending Machines for Bending Other Metals?

Copper tube bending machines, as the name indicates, are used for bending copper tubes, and the reason that they cannot bend heavy metal tubes because copper is a light metal, and the force needed to bend copper tubes is low.

Some copper bending machines can bend PVC plastic pipes, but not all copper tube bending machines can do that.

It has been seen that copper tube bending machines can bend aluminum too. Some machines are called pipe bending machines, which can bend steel, copper, aluminum, and plastic. 

You can get them when you need to bend more types of metal tubes, or adding an extra mandrel can also help to bend other metal pipes.

11. What Is the Use of a CNC Copper Tube Bending Machine?

CNC copper tube bending machine is a fully automatic tube bending machine used mainly in air conditions industries. Other uses are:

  • Gym equipment
  • Manufacturing of boats and ships
  • Cycles and motorbikes
  • Tractors, harvesters, thresher making 
  • Furniture
  • Everyday use items like trolleys, walkers, and strollers 

Copper tubes are an essential part of the air conditions, and the CNC copper tube bending machine reduces the time spent bending these tubes; therefore, they are used mainly in air conditioning industries. 

12. What Is the Maximum Radius of Copper Which Can Be Bent by a Copper Tube Bending Machine?

Copper tubes are easy to bend because of their soft nature. The copper tube bending machine can bend the copper tubes of different diameters, like 15mm diameter tubes can be bent to a maximum radius of 100mm.

You can bend copper tubes, but there are chances of rupture, and to avoid this concern, specific equipment is used to bend copper tubes beyond 900.

When the bending radius is small, and the pipe has more diameter, there are chances of cracking, so to overcome this problem, bending twice the size is recommended for better bending and minor wrinkling.

Easy to Bend Copper TubesFigure 7 Easy to Bend Copper Tubes

13. How Do I Choose a Copper Tube Bending Machine?

Copper tube bending machines are available in two primary kinds: automatic or CNC copper bending machines and NC copper banding machines.

The selection of these has to be according to the customer’s need because you can get a Spiral copper tube bending machine that can bend six copper tubes simultaneously. 

Before buying a copper tube bending machine, you need to check the reviews of the manufacturing company. Dodomakine makes the best copper tube bending machines.

If the copper tube bending machine stops working or any spare part is needed selecting a well-known company will help.

Mandrels can also be installed in copper tube bending machines to increase the capacity to bend thicker tubes.

14. What Is the Difference between Manual and CNC Copper Tube Bending Machines?

A Manual copper tube bending machine is operated by a skilled worker who helps bend the copper tubes according to the desired angle. These manual machines require an individual and are slower when compared to CNC copper tube bending machines.

CNC copper tube bending machines have a computer system attached to them responsible for the desired bending of the copper tubes. These automatic machines are more speedy when compared to manual copper bending machines.

 CNC Copper Tube BendingFigure 8 CNC Copper Tube Bending

15. Where to Get the Best Automatic Copper Tube Bending Machine?

Many manufacturers in China and other countries make fully automatic copper tube bending machines and take orders online.

You can quickly get an automatic copper tube bending machine from these manufacturers like They also provide the facility to customize your copper tube bending machine.

You may get these machines at competitive prices. The after-sales services, installation guidance, and excellent customer services make Dodo machines one of the best choices. 


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