Flame Brazing Machine

Automatic Flame Brazing Machine Description

  • Flame brazing is currently the most common brazing method in the field of brazing, and the other is induction brazing.
  • The advantage of flame brazing is that it is easy to deploy, and because the temperature requirements for brazing are not high, there is a wide range of gas options for brazing, such as low-cost natural gas being the most extensive choice.
  • The disadvantage is that there is a flame, and some customers have safety concerns, but our automatic flame brazing machine is equipped with a nitrogen fire extinguishing system and 3 anti-backlash valves. Safety is always our first priority.

Automatic Flame Brazing Machine Features

  • Adjustable Feeding Time
  • Preheat
  • Backfire prevention valve
  • Fluxer Tank For Flame Brazing And Welding
  • Nitrogen Fire Extinguishing System
  • SMC Gas Solenoid Valve
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Manual Keys/touch Screen
  • Stepper Motor Drive
  • Safety Glass
  • Omron Sensor Switch
  • Touch screen, menu-based and multi-language control panels
Automatic Brazing Machine

Products Produced by Flame Brazing Machine

refrigeration accumulator

Refrigeration Accumulator

The main body is made of iron, and the copper pipe above needs to be brazed to link the iron tank body and the copper pipe together


Refrigeration Valve

Refrigeration valves are used to control the flow of refrigerant in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Refrigeration valves contain multiple copper or copper fittings, brazing is the preferred process

Copper Pipe Manifold

Copper Pipe Manifold

Copper Pipe Manifold is a typical copper and brass welding, brazing process plus suitable solder can ensure long-term damage to Copper Pipe Manifold

Refrigeration Service Valve

Refrigeration Service Valve

Refrigeration service valves control the flow of refrigerant in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and also use brazed connections to the valve body and piping sections.

branch pipe

Branch Pipe

Branch Pipe is a type of copper pipe with many types. We will design suitable tooling to make the automatic brazing machine work normally.

Refrigerant check valve

Refrigerant Check Valve

Brass and copper are welded, and they can be welded together perfectly using an automatic brazing machine, with full solder joints and rounded colors.

Automatic Flame Brazing Machine Advantages

Improve Efficiency

A fully automatic machine can increase production capacity by 10 times 20 times

Improve Quality

The quality of automatic brazing is stable and will not fluctuate due to artificial factors

Low Cost

Fully automatic machines save time and use materials more precisely, saving costs.

Turnkey Machine

We improve after-sales service, you have no worries, lift-time services

Our Suppliers

All our accessories are suppliers of world-renowned brands, such as Mitsubishi Group, Omron, etc.

The core technology has independent intellectual property rights and is completely independent research and development.

We are not making ordinary consumer goods. Customers need to use them for 10 or even 30 years after purchase. Quality and durability are our primary considerations.

Automatic Flame Brazing Machine Buying Guide

As its name suggests, flame brazing is a process that uses flames. A flame is a source of heat that aim to increase the temperature of the substance it touches to a sufficient degree to allow an operation to be carried out. Flame brazing can also be referred to as torch brazing. It can be either manually, mechanically, or automatically performed.

However, brazing mechanically is a common method used by various industries. It entails using a flame brazing machine that is responsible for the automation of the process. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of how to operate a flame brazing machine, but before we get into that, let’s talk about what a flame brazing machine is.

1.    What is a Flame Brazing Machine?

Flame brazing machines apply intense heat in the form of a flame to the workpieces for the purpose of fusing together several pieces of metal. This machine is often preferred over other methods of production due to its increased productivity, lower material costs, and greater quality output without the risk of human mistakes.

A Flame Brazing Machine is suitable for repeating braze procedures since it combines elements of both the automated style and the manual style processes. Braze materials and joint jigging are under the direction of an operator, while the flame operation is performed by automated equipment for uniformity and speed. Flame Brazing Machines are able to braze several hundred and even thousands of joints per hour with ease. It can produce joints that are waterproof and airtight.

      Flame Brazing Machine Refrigeration Valve BrazingFigure 1. A fully automatic Flame Brazing Machine

2.    What are the characteristics of the Flame Brazing Machine?

The following are some of the characteristics of the Flame Brazing Machine:

  • A uniquely designed flame that ensures consistent heating
  • Automatic adjustment of the torch’s aiming position
  • An automatic function that switches between several kinds of flames
  • Table rotation and placement on an automatic basis
  • Mechanical system for the automatic feeding of wire
  • Control panels include touchscreens, menus, and support for several languages

3.    What is auto brazing?

Auto brazing aluminum is a simple and straightforward process. It is well suited for medium-volume industrial brazing operations, which calls for higher throughput without sacrificing quality. It can be used for brazing a wide variety of workpieces such as steel, stainless, copper, brass, and aluminum.

In an auto-brazing process, controls are taken care of mechanically, such as effective control of gas flow, brazing duration, and brazing position. As a result, the brazing temperature and brazing pool may be properly regulated, which in turn allows for the stability and consistency of the brazing quality to be assured.

4.    What type of welding is brazing?

The process of brazing is a kind of welding that makes use of filler materials that have high melting points. When the parts reach the appropriate phase temperature, which is above 840°F (450°C), the filler metal is drawn into the joint by capillary action. Brazing, in contrast to welding, can be used in the process of joining dissimilar metals, such as gold, silver, copper, and nickel.

5.    In what ways may a Flame Brazing Machine help your business?

The businesses that manufacture brazing machines are putting a lot of effort into becoming more skilled and inventing more innovative technologies, both of which will boost the manufacturers’ market share and their competitive edge in the worldwide market.

Therefore, if you are starting a company or expanding an existing one, the first thing you should do is to put up a sound business. Suppose this is the case, and you consider incorporating a Flame Brazing Machine into your business. In that case, you may be wondering how exactly a flame brazing machine may help your business.

An automatic Flame Brazing Machine is a desirable addition for various procedures in the manufacturing industry. The following is a list of elements that, if met, will assist your company in growing to new heights.

  • Customized Design
  • Neat Finish
  • Less Employment of Labors
  • Taking Precautions And Laying Forth A Strategy For Success

6.    For what purpose are Flame Brazing Machines used?

A Flame Blazing Machine has several potential production applications; however, it is most often used for the following:

●       Refrigeration Accumulator

Flame Brazing MachineFigure 2: Refrigeration Accumulator

On the Refrigeration accumulator, iron is used in the construction of its main body. Therefore, a Flame Brazing Machine is required on the copper pipe that runs above it so that it can be connected to the iron tank body.

●       Refrigeration Valve

Flame Brazing MachineFigure 3: Refrigeration Valve

In air conditioning and refrigeration systems, the flow of refrigerants may be controlled by adjusting the position of refrigeration valves. That is why Flame Brazing Machine is the ideal method that attaches the many coppers or copper fittings used in refrigeration valves.

●       Copper Pipe Manifold

Flame Brazing MachineFigure 3: Copper Pipe Manifold

Although a Copper Pipe Manifold is common for copper and brass welding, the Flame Brazing Machine procedure and using the appropriate solder will guarantee that the Copper Pipe Manifold will be availed over the long run.

●       Copper Pant Tee

Flame Brazing MachineFigure 4: Copper Pant Tee

The Copper Pant Tee is a common kind of copper and copper welding. But when you work with pipes of small size, a fully automatic Flame Brazing Machine has a few advantages over it.

●       Branch Pipe

Flame Brazing MachineFigure 5: Branch Pipe

Branch Pipe is a kind of copper pipe that comes in many different forms. However, the flame Brazing Machine is equipped with the proper tools to ensure the most effective and efficient product design.

●       Refrigerant Check Valve

Flame Brazing MachineFigure 6: Refrigerant Check Valve

Welding brass and copper will be done flawlessly when you use an automated Flame Brazing Machine. It produces complete solder connections and rounded hues.

7.    What is the manufacturing process of Flame Brazing Machines?

The method through which the Flame Brazing Machine functions is discussed step-by-step in detail below.

Step 1: First, the workpieces that need to be brazed are loaded onto the jigs, and previously brazed pieces are unloaded at the loading and unloading station.

Step 2: The workpiece will be set down in the preheating station. It will be heated to the appropriate temperature at the designated preheating station.

Step 3: Then, the tube joint will be placed up to the brazing temperature at the brazing station, where it will be brazed. When the allotted amount of time for brazing has passed, the fire weakens, the brazing flames are retracted, and the table is turned.

Step 4: After that, the workpiece will be cooled down using compressed air or nitrogen at the cooling station.

The whole process is like a stream of clouds. The Flame Brazing Machine is simple to use and has a high level of automation. In addition to this, it is equipped with a specific computer-controlled system that runs the operations necessary to assure both the stability and the uniformity of the brazing quality.

8.    Is it safe to use a Flame Brazing Machine?

Safety is always the first priority. In order to determine whether or not a flame brazing machine is risky to use, the following are some fundamental safety features that this machine offers to avoid any potential dangers:

●       Gas Control Lines:

Pipelines that transport fuel gas have piloted pneumatic valves that regulate its flow. In order to protect against the risk posed by electrical light, the whole pneumatic system is kept independent from the electrical system. Pipes carrying fuel and oxygen gas undergo a leak-proof test, and a flash-back arrestor has been installed in each of the pipelines.

●       Pressure Alarm:

The pressure of each kind of gas is observed. There is an alarm for both a high limit and a low limit for the fuel gas pressure. When the fuel gas pressure hits 50% of the explosive limit, the system will automatically shut down or stop the gas valve, and an alarm will activate.

●       Forced Ventilation System:

The cabinet has a forced ventilation system, which maintains a healthy and risk-free working environment within.

●       Emergency Buttons:

There are emergency stop buttons. In case of an emergency, the electrical and pneumatic systems can be turned off by pressing the corresponding emergency stop buttons located in the operating and maintenance positions.

9.    What are the advantages of the Flame brazing Machine?

Following are some of the advantages of using a Flame Brazing Machine:

  • Improve Efficiency: A fully automatic Flame Brazing Machine has the potential to boost production capacity by 10 times 20 times.
  • Improve Quality: The quality of brazing produced by an automated Flame Brazing Machine is consistent and does not vary.
  • Low Cost: Flame Brazing Machine not only save time but also utilize resources accurately, which results in savings of cost.
  • Human Error: In an automated Flame Brazing Machine, robots and computers regulate component flow and placement, ruling out the possibility of positioning mistakes caused by human operators.

10.   What kinds of gas do Flame Brazing Machines typically use?

Figure 7: Gas employed within the Flame Brazing Machine

Since brazing requires very high temperatures, several types of gas can be used in Flame Brazing Machine. However, the most common is natural gas, while the other choices include

  • Acetylene
  • Propane
  • Liquefied petroleum gas
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen

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