Helium Leak Detection Equipment

Helium Leak Detection Equipment Description

Helium leak detector is a kind of gas leak detection equipment widely used in refrigeration, automobile, semiconductor and other industries.

Helium leak detector is an accurate and portable instrument, DoDo machine’s helium leak detector is equipped with a trolley for easy movement.

Helium itself is very safe and is an inert gas with small molecules. It is not easy to react with other substances, and its relative molecular mass is very small (only a little larger than hydrogen), which is suitable for detecting small leaks.
The helium leak detector has a helium recovery device, which can achieve extremely high sensitivity and repeatability. The helium leak detector is the optimal solution for leak detection and tightness testing under vacuum.

Helium Leak Detection Equipment Features

  • Portable, with trolley
  • High sensitivity 5×10-13Pa·m3/s
  • Response time <0.5s
  • Accessories use international famous brands
  • The software comes with Helium Leak Rate Conversion
Helium Leak Detection Machine

Helium Leak Detection Equipment Items

Helium Leak Detection Machine


The most popular model, pumping speeds up to 16 cubic meters per hour meet most needs.



The most portable model, the whole machine is only 45kg, and the pumping speed is 1.8 cubic meters per hour, suitable for portable situations

Helium Leak Detection Machine Advantages

Global Warranty

Worry-free after-sales service for software and hardware, quick feedback from customer service within 7*24 hours


Multiple project experience to provide you with personalized advice

Easy Maintenance

No maintenance required within 3-5 years

Turnkey Machine

Simple and convenient, out of the box

Our Brand Customers

DoDo machine has cooperation with well-known brands all over the world

Our Suppliers

DoDo machine firmly believes in globalization, common accessories will increase the reliability and sustainability of the machine

All our accessories are suppliers of world-renowned brands, such as Mitsubishi Group, Omron, etc.

The core technology has independent intellectual property rights and is completely independent research and development.

We are not making ordinary consumer goods. Customers need to use them for 10 or even 30 years after purchase. Quality and durability are our primary considerations.

Helium Leak Detection Equipment Buying Guide

Leaks in the walls of any structure cause the escape of gas or liquid within that structure and the helium leak detection test is a method to check if there is any leak present in different types of equipment.

Helium leak detection has different types of tests available that make sure that the quality and functionality of your system are on top and that you benefit from the best technologies without any problem.

1.     What Are the Types of Industries That Need Helium Leak Detection?

With the increase in global warming, the need for refrigerators and air conditions is increasing and manufacturers are working hard to make the most eco-friendly equipment for the consumer.

The industries that make this equipment with the pressurized system and vacuums need helium leak detection the most. In these systems, a minute leak can affect the product’s functioning.

These leaks have to be detected with the help of helium leak detection because the gases escaping through the leak are sometimes dangerous and a hazard to the people working near it.

2.     Why Is Helium Used for Helium Leak Detection?

Helium is a lightweight gas of only 4 molecular weights. This is what makes it perfect to be used as a tracer gas used for leak detection. It is an inert gas that is always found in an atomic state.

Helium is most widely used for leak detection due to its non-toxic, and easy escaping nature. It is the lightest gas that is also non-corrosive. Helium is used because it is easily detected by the mass spectrophotometer even when the smallest leak is present and it is detected when other gases are also present. You can use helium for inside and outside of both types of leak detection tests because it is safe to use.Helium Leak Detection  

3.     What Are the Different Methods of Helium Leak Detection?

There are many methods that we can use to detect helium leak detection, some of them are costly and some are highly precise and are used in big industries. These methods of helium leak detection are,

1.      Sniffer Method

In this method, helium is used to pinpoint the location of the leak in a system. This method is used mostly when any unit is installed and any problem hints that a leak is present.

You can also use it to check if a joint is leakproof or not. In this method, helium is placed in the system and when it escapes through the leaking point the leakage is determined, it is a method that has an inside-out approach.

The part to be tested is pressurized with the tracer gas so that tracer gas escapes through the leak. The sniffer is a device that is passed outside the system to check the point of leak. A leak detector sniffs the highest level of gas leaking and alerts, and this is how it works.

2.      Accumulation Leak Detection

This is also an inside-out leak detection test in which we use helium, this method is less expensive. In the accumulation leak detection the system is placed in a chamber that is closed, the system we are checking for leaks is filled with helium.

If a leak is present the gas starts leaking and accumulating in the chamber. The leaked gas is calculated and the leak is determined by the wise technology sensor. This method is relatively less costly than the vacuum method and it is used in the refrigeration, and medical equipment industries.

3.      Vacuum Helium Leak Detection

In vacuum helium leak detection the helium is used inside out the system in which we want to find the leak. In this method, the system or equipment is placed in a chamber and the vacuum is created by the pumps.

This is an expensive method but its benefits are also amazing it re-uses the helium that was placed in the system and vacuum helium leak detection is the most accurate leak detection test.

The mass spectrometer is used to check the helium gas, you can use it in automated equipment and testing before getting them out. You can check even the minute amount of gas lost in vacuum leak detection because it is very sensitive.

A helium mass spectrometer can tell you the place where a leak is present because of its efficient way of detecting helium. This method can detect helium even when there are other types of gases present which makes it the most sensitive and effective method.

4.      Importance of Helium Leak Detection

Some types of machinery have to be leak free to work properly like refrigeration, aerospace, and heating equipment. Helium leak detection is a safe method that improves the safety, quality, and efficiency of this equipment.

Helium leak detection does not cause damage to the system and is checked for leaks, helium does not cause corrosion which makes it a perfect testing gas.

4.     What Are the Industrial Applications of Helium Leak Detection?Helium Leak Detection

Industries are the mass producers of our everyday equipment and helium leak detection helps in the standardization of making equipment. The main industries that use helium leak detection for their quality maintenance are

·         Fuel Tanks

Helium leak testing is used in fuel tank industries because mostly these fuel tanks carry inflammable material and it is dangerous if there are even small leaks present. Helium is best to check the minor leaks because it is very light and helium leak detection is the best way to check leakage in fuel tanks.

·         Pipelines

Pipelines are a big part of our everyday normal life, they are used in heating and cooling systems

And these need to be leakproof for working perfectly therefore on the industrial level helium leak detection is the method used to check the leaks.

·         Refrigerators

Every household needs a refrigerator and these refrigerators have refrigerant gas that needs to be contained in them, even a minor leak can make the gas escape and the refrigerator won’t work properly.

Industries of refrigerators use helium leak detection because this is the most sensitive way of leak detection.

·         Air-conditioners

Air-conditioner needs are increasing day by day because of the increased global warming, the air-conditioners have copper tubes that should not have any leakage to work properly. Helium leak detection is the main method the industrialists use to make sure there is no leakage.

·         Pressurized Containers

Special vessels and pressurized containers are also made leakproof after checking with helium leak detection tests.

5.     What Are the Benefits of Using Helium Leak Detection?

There are many benefits of using Helium Leak detection making it the most accurate and reliable method to check leaks in a system.


Helium leak detection is a way to check leakage in a variety of products. You can use it not only in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems but it can be used in medical equipment, vacuum systems, and automotive devices made from metal, ceramics, and even plastic.

Helium leak detection can be used in two types of leak testing external or internal testing making it a versatile way of leak testing.


Helium leak detection is the most accurate way to check for leaks. By using this method you can easily point out the location of the leak and later on you can easily repair and reduce any risk of quality damage.

In this way, time wastage can be avoided and product quality is increased. The products are safe after testing because of the nature of helium gas. Helium leak detection can be used for costly equipment because of its sensitivity.

Highly Sensitive

Helium is best for leak detection because of its non-toxic nature. Helium can escape through the tiniest hole making it a sensitive gas for leakage. Helium can detect the smallest leaks because its molecular weight is very small.Helium Leak Detection

6.     Can We Use Helium Leak Detection in Any Other Industries than HVAC?

Helium leak detection can be used in the making and checking of gas equipment used in medicine, the examples are oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon-di-oxide gas.

Helium can also be used in the checking of vacuum systems in medicine example is MRI. It can be used in the leak detection of anesthesia and sterilization systems to avoid any mishap.

Helium leak detection can be used in the space equipment used in aircraft and rockets. In these types of equipment, vacuum conditions are followed and leak testing is necessary before using this equipment.


Helium leak detection is an effective method to check even minute leaks in different types of equipment used in the HVAC industry, medical instruments, and equipment used in rockets and vacuums. Helium is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, light molecular-weight gas that can escape from the smallest leak which makes it a highly sensitive gas in terms of leakage.

With training and experience helium leak detection can bring many benefits that include versatility, accuracy, and safety. These benefits make this method the best to detect leakage in any system, whose quality and performance are affected by leakages.

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