Induction Brazing Machine

Fully Automatic Induction Brazing Machine Automatically Feeds Welding Wire

It solves the problem of automatic wire feeding in induction brazing. There is no need to use a welding ring, which greatly improves efficiency and ensures quality.

Heating has many advantages.

  • No open flame
  • Fast heating
  • Low carbon and environmental protection
  • Temperature controllable

High Frequency Welding Machine Description

The video uses the end cover of the induction brazing four-way valve. The end cover is made of brass and needs to be brazed with the copper valve body. We use water to cool down, because the internal parts of the valve are made of plastic and cannot withstand high temperatures.
Induction brazing can perfectly control the heating degree through power and heating time, which not only meets the requirements of brazing fusion, but also protects the internal plastic parts from being heated.

This solution has been used in many SANHUA factories around the world, and the feedback from customers is great.

Induction Brazing Machine Description

Induction brazing is the process of joining several metals using induction heating. Induction heating uses an electromagnetic field to make the molecules inside the material vibrate at high or medium frequencies to generate heat, which can provide heat without contact or flame.

Compared with torch brazing, induction brazing can achieve local heating, no open flame, and is more environmentally friendly

Induction Brazing Machine Features

  • Adjustable Feeding Time
  • Preheat
  • Nitrogen Fire Extinguishing System
  • SMC Gas Solenoid Valve
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Manual Keys/touch Screen
  • Stepper Motor Drive
  • Safety Glass
  • Omron Sensor Switch
  • Touch screen, menu-based and multi-language control panels
Automatic Brazing Machine

Products Produced by Induction Brazing Machine

Refrigerant check valve

Refrigerant Check Valve

Brass and copper are welded, and they can be welded together perfectly using an automatic brazing machine, with full solder joints and rounded colors.

Refrigeration Service Valve

Refrigeration Service Valve

Refrigeration service valves control the flow of refrigerant in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and also use brazed connections to the valve body and piping sections.


Refrigeration Valve

Refrigeration valves are used to control the flow of refrigerant in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Refrigeration valves contain multiple copper or copper fittings, brazing is the preferred process

Copper Pant Tee

Copper Pant Tee

Copper Pant Tee is a typical copper and copper welding, which has a natural advantage over automatic brazing of such small pipes

branch pipe

Branch Pipe

Branch Pipe is a type of copper pipe with many types. We will design suitable tooling to make the automatic brazing machine work normally.

Brass Distributor Head

Brass Distributor Head

Brass Distributor Head requires copper head and copper tube welding, brazing is the preferred process, automatic brazing machine can quickly and accurately find the link position, and the quality is stable

Induction Brazing Machine Advantages

Improve Efficiency

A fully automatic machine can increase production capacity by 10 times 20 times

Improve Quality

The quality of automatic brazing is stable and will not fluctuate due to artificial factors

Low Cost

Fully automatic machines save time and use materials more precisely, saving costs.

Turnkey Machine

We improve after-sales service, you have no worries, lift-time services

Our Suppliers

All our accessories are suppliers of world-renowned brands, such as Mitsubishi Group, Omron, etc.

The core technology has independent intellectual property rights and is completely independent research and development.

We are not making ordinary consumer goods. Customers need to use them for 10 or even 30 years after purchase. Quality and durability are our primary considerations.

Induction Brazing Machine Buying Guide

The induction brazing machine uses the new technology of induction heat for the brazing of metals. The brazing method needs heat to join the metal tubes, and the induction brazing machine helps in brazing the metals without using a flame.

The induction brazing machine uses the electromagnetic current to produce heat, and it can provide more focused heat to the joint we want to braze. The heat produced is pollution free and perfect for brazing.

Let’s get started to know more about the methods, applications, and pros of the induction brazing technology.

1.     What Is an Induction Brazing Machine?

An induction brazing machine is a machine that is used for joining metals with the help of an induction machine. Induction brazing has a better localization than flame brazing.

The automation of an induction brazing machine is better than the brazing machine that uses flame for brazing. The induction brazing machine has new technology, which is the day’s need.

In an induction brazing machine, the induction method generates the heat needed for the brazing of metals. In brazing, two metals are joined by the use of flux, filling metal, and heat, the heat in this process is generated by the induction heating method.

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 1 Induction Brazing

2.     Why Is It Called an Induction Brazing Machine?

This machine is responsible for producing strong joints of metals by using electromagnetic heat. In an induction brazing machine, the electric current is passed into an electromagnetic coil to produce the heat used to braze the metals.

You can control the heating temperature in induction brazing by changing the amount of applied current as the swirl flow created inside the material streams inverse to the material’s electrical resistivity; exact and restricted heat is seen in this cycle.

Induction heating in an induction brazing machine is free of contact heating system. The metal we want to heat does not have to be dipped in anything, gas, or vacuum. The heating in the induction brazing machine does not have any gas to burn.

3.     What Is the Principle of an Induction Brazing Machine?

The principle of an induction brazing machine is the same as a transformer. The inductor in the machine is the primary winding.

Whereas the secondary winding with a single turn is the heated part. The electromagnetic current bearing coil is placed over the brazing joint. The rise in temperature makes the filling metal fill in the gap between the metals we are brazing. 

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 2 Induction Brazing Machine

4.     Why Do You Need an Induction Brazing Machine?

The induction brazing machine has a better way to braze the metals with recent technology, such as induction heating. 

You can easily automate the induction brazing machine, and you do not need an expert worker to braze the metals perfectly.

You need an induction brazing machine when working in an enormous industry where you have to braze joints of metals quickly.

The machine is eco-friendly as it uses an electromagnetic field to generate energy, and you don’t need gas or flame with fumes challenging to tolerate.

You can quickly provide heat to the brazing joint by using this coil-like structure that emits heat.

5.     How Does a Brazing Machine Work?

Brazing machines are used to speed up the process of brazing. The brazing machine has a rotary table that rotates and makes the brazing process happen.

The metals we want to braze are loaded in the machine’s rotary table first. After that, the unloading after brazing is done. We can have a controlled atmosphere in the brazing machine if needed.

The brazing machine uses heat and metal alloys to join the two metal tubes or parts as filler metals. For this, the base metals are joined, and filler metal and heat are applied to join them. 

In this way, when both metals are put together, and heat is applied to the joint with filler metals, the filler metal melts to fill the spaces between the two metals. 

It is how a strong joint is created without holes to avoid leakage. With the brazing machine, we can braze from 2-5 joints per minute which are very useful in industries.

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 3 Induction Brazing Method

6.     What Metals Can Be Heated by Induction?

Induction heating is a much safer method of producing heat. You can heat several metals that are good conductors with induction heating. These metals include:

  • Cobalt 
  • Nickel
  • Brass
  • Tungsten
  • Steel 
  • Iron 
  • Copper 
  • Aluminum
  • Chromium
  • Titanium

You can also use induction heating for brazing non-metal, for example, glass, graphite, and ceramics.

7.     What Is the Principle of Induction Heating?

In induction heating, a coil is used around the metal, and AC is applied to it. As a result, the magnetic field is created, and when the current flows in the coil, an induced loss is generated, resulting in heat. 

The method of this heat production is called electromagnetic heating, so you can say that induction heating works on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Induction heating is beneficial, and we can use induction heating in stoves, furnaces, sealing caps in medicine bottles, welding, and brazing.

Induction heating can provide speed, consistency, and control. It is an efficient way of producing heat without any smell and smoke, making it an environment-friendly heating option. 

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 4 Induction Brazing Process

8.     How Many Types of Induction Heating Are There?

Induction heating uses the same principle of heating in all types of heating, whereas in furnaces, different models are used for induction heating, that is

Core Type of Induction Heating 

This induction heating type has a crucible, primary winding, and an iron core, all connected to an AC supply. This type of induction heating works in the principle of a transformer.

Coreless Induction Heating

Coreless induction heating has no core and works on the principle of a transformer. 

In induction brazing, you can get different shapes of the brazing coils that are responsible for the heating of the brazed point. The types of induction coils that deliver the heat are: 

  • The multi-turn form of an induction coil
  • Single turn induction coil
  • Multi-turn ID induction coil
  • Pancake induction coil
  • Open-end induction coil
  • U-shape induction coil
  • Multi-turn channel induction coil

These different shapes are used for various purposes and types of brazing joints because, in making these shapes, the needs of brazing joints were kept in mind.

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 5 Induction Coils

9.     What Are the Advantages of an Induction Brazing Machine?

The induction brazing machine uses the new technology, and it has been used in many industries and has many advantages that are

  • The main benefit of an induction brazing machine is that we can apply heat locally to the joint we want to braze. Induction heat is more centred, and significantly less heat is lost.
  • An induction brazing machine does not use any form of gasses, and there is no risk of gas leakage and fire accidents due to the leak gas problem.
  • Due to the absence of gas burning and flames, the induction brazing machine has significantly fewer fumes. It smells of fire which is good for the environment because with the environment being filled with smog, we need machinery free from smoke and fumes. 
  • Another benefit is the safety of the machine. Induction heating is safe from flame heating, so induction brazing machines are safer.
  • The induction brazing machine uses the induction heating system and takes less space than flame brazing.
  • You can easily repeat induction heating, and it has been proven that an induction brazing machine, when automated, works very efficiently.
  • You do not need the operator’s skills when using an induction brazing machine. You can use the automatic induction brazing machine to do the brazing without hiring a worker to do all the steps of brazing.
  • It utilizes less time. You can braze more in less time with an induction brazing machine.
  • The induction brazing machine provides heat localization and creates more essential and durable brazed joints. 

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 6 Benefits of Induction Brazing

10. What Is the Difference between Induction Brazing and Brazing?

Brazing is the process of joining two metals, and induction brazing is the use of induction heating for brazing.

In brazing, we need heat to melt the filler metal to fill the gap between the base metals. For this heating process, we can use different heating methods like flame heating, induction heating, and vacuum heating.

 In induction brazing, a rod-like structure is used, responsible for the heating from electromagnetic induction that releases heat to melt the filler metal.

In induction brazing, the induction heat is the medium to produce heat in which a rod is used in which current is passed, and the heat is generated for brazing.

Induction brazing is way better than normal brazing, where heat is applied through a flame. Induction brazing is more precise and localized than flame brazing.

The heat transferred to the joints through induction brazing stays within the joint, creating a solid and durable joint.

Induction brazing is safer than flame brazing and is much quicker because induction brazing machines can speed up the process of brazing without the need for a skilled worker.

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 7 Brazing

11. What Is the Difference Between Torch Heating and Induction Brazing?

Torch heating is the process in which we burn gas to produce the torch, fire, and heating results. In torch heating, different gasses are used, like natural gas, propane, acetylene, and oxy-acetylene.

You can use the method of torch heating in the brazing process for the heating purpose. The recent technique of heating in the brazing process is induction brazing.

Torch heating produces smoke, smell, and fumes that are uncomfortable for the people working in the environment.

Torch heating uses gases for burning, which are very dangerous if leaked. They can cause fire accidents. If leaked, they can cause burns to the people working near the flame.

Induction brazing uses induction heat as its heating process. In induction heating, a coil is used in which a current is passed, which produces the heat.

The heat in induction brazing is produced at high speed and free from fumes and burning accidents.

The induction brazing can heat the filler metal enough to fill the gaps between the joints. It is an eco-friendly and clean type of brazing. Induction brazing is a much safer method than brazing which uses torch heating.

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 8 Torch Heating

12. What Is the Difference between Steel Nozzles and Induction Brazing?

Steel nozzles are used in aerospace equipment, and when they tried to braze the steel nozzles with flame brazing, the joint was unable to hold.

The heating for brazing was not enough, and when they tried to find the reason, the heat penetration was the problem. The heat was not penetrating due to the form of the nozzle.

The brazing of the joint is a necessity for equipment, so we have to provide the heat to the location of the brazing of the steel nozzle.

Then the induction heating came in handy and provided us with the solution. When the technicians used the induction heating power supply with multiple turn coil for the brazing of the steel nozzle, the heat penetrated, and the joint was brazed.

To braze the steel nozzles properly, flux was applied to the surface and joint area. With the induction, the heating of the whole assembly was done, and in this way, the joint was brazed.

Induction brazing is the brazing where the heating process consists of induction heating. Induction brazing is the latest method to heat and braze metals.

Induction heat is used for brazing the metals that are good conductors, and it takes less time and provides concentrated and focused heat to the joint we want to braze. It takes only six minutes to braze the steel nozzles.

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 9 Brazed Steel Nozzles

13. Can You Use Portable Induction Brazing Machine?

A portable induction brazing machine is a machine that you can take here and there with you. The portable induction brazing machine is composed of the coil in which the current is passed to produce the electromagnetic heat.

This heat from induction is used for brazing the metal joints. The portable induction brazing machine is not fully automatic.

You have to apply the flux and keep it close to the base metals, then place the coil on the joint, use filler metal, and switch on the current to provide heat and braze the metal joint.

There is a handheld induction brazing machine which is small in size. The weight of the handheld portable induction brazing machine is two to 8 kilograms. You can get the coil of induction brazing according to your desire.

You can use the portable induction brazing machine for copper joints in air-conditioners, copper cable connectors, and copper joints in transformers.

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 10 Portable Induction Brazing Machine

14. What Are the Applications of Induction Brazing Machines?

Induction brazing is the best method to connect metals, and you can find the new applications that are being discovered daily. Some applications of induction brazing are:

  • We can use an induction brazing machine for making medical gadgets. Medical gadgets are essential items for patients and normal human beings.
  • The vehicle industry can also benefit from the induction brazing machine. Both electric and hybrid vehicles need to connect the metal tubes, and for this, you can use the induction brazing machine to braze the tubes with precision and in less time.
  • Steel tubes and pipes are used to make poles and furniture, and we can use induction brazing machines for this purpose.
  • In the refrigerator industry, we have to braze the copper tubes and pipes; this induction brazing machine is the best. 
  • You can use an induction brazing machine for the manufacturing of transportation bars.
  • You can use an induction brazing machine in plumping to bend pipes. You can also use the induction brazing machine for heating systems in plumbing.
  • You can use an induction brazing machine for brazing in the agriculture industry to make cultivation gear
  • You can use the induction brazing machine for the production of generators. 
  • Manufacturing of transformers and motors can also benefit from the induction brazing machine.

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 11 Induction Brazing for the Automotive Industry

15. What Are the Steps in the Brazing Process from the Induction Brazing Machine?

The induction brazing machine has a series of steps defining the brazing process. These steps are described below:

  • The first step in the brazing through an induction brazing machine is the Cleaning of the base metals that we are going to braze. In this way, the metals are cleared from any deposits or residues. 
  • Then the base metals that we are joining together are placed close to each other so that the brazing may be more manageable.
  • Apply flux to the joints and join the parts of base metals together that you want to braze
  • Add the filler alloy to the joint.
  • Now is the time to apply heat through the induction to the brazing joint. The heat will cause the filler alloy to melt and fill in the join to create a hole-free strong joint.
  • The last step is cleaning the brazed joint so that extra residues of filler alloy or excess flux are removed. 

16. What Are the Metals You Can Braze with an Induction Brazing Machine?

You can use the induction heat to heat any heat conductor metal. The induction heating does not heat the metals that are non-conductors in brazing machines.

The metals you can braze in the induction brazing machine are copper, cobalt, nickel, steel, ad titanium. The heating time in the induction brazing machine is lower when we use metals that are good conductors of heat because they heat up very quickly through brazing.

These metals are used in several everyday items, such as refrigerators, plumbing, and vehicles.

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 12 Induction Brazing of Copper

17. What Is the Temperature You Can Get from the Induction Brazing Machine?

An induction brazing machine can generate high temperatures for proper brazing. Still, the brazing temperature you are applying must be according to the metal and the filler metal you are using.

The temperature of the induction brazing machine ranges from 4500C to as high as 11500C. Before applying, metals need to be considered the temperature they need. 

18. Where to Get the Best Induction Brazing Machine?

The induction brazing machine is the new technology in brazing. You have to check the features of the induction brazing machine and order the one that suits you. Dodo machine makes the best quality induction brazing machines.

You can order online the induction brazing machine you need from dodo machines manufacturers, and they can personalize the features if you want.

The induction brazing machines can braze the metal parts that are most reliable and durable. The features of the induction brazing machine include:

  • The safety glass.
  • A touch screen for inputting information.
  • A fire extinguishing system in case of any mishap.

19. What Are the Points to Consider Before Buying the Induction Brazing Machine?

There are some points that you should keep in thought before buying the induction brazing machine.


You should first check the design of the machine you will get.


Getting the induction brazing machine in your budget is very important. You have to get the one that suits your pocket.

Induction Brazing MachineFigure 13 Induction Brazing Technology


Inspection before ordering is essential. You have to check the reviews and, if possible, check the previous products of induction brazing machines before ordering.


The shipping of the induction brazing machine to your industry or infrastructure is critical. You should select the company which delivers the machines to your place.


If any problem occurs, you need to order the aftercare of the machine from the production house that provides the aftercare services if anything goes wrong or if any fault occurs in your induction brazing machine.


Warranty of the machines is an essential step to get the induction brazing machines from the manufacturers that offer a warranty to be safe. 


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