Refrigeration Valve Brazing

Refrigeration Valve Brazing Description

The main function of the refrigerant check valve is to prevent the cooling efficiency of the system from being reduced when the compressor stops working.

The copper pipes and valves are made of brass and red copper respectively. They can be perfectly welded together by an automatic brazing machine, and the solder joints are full and round in color.

Refrigeration Valve Product Series

Refrigerant check valve

Refrigerant Check Valve

Brass and copper are welded, and they can be welded together perfectly using an automatic brazing machine, with full solder joints and rounded colors.

Refrigeration Service Valve

Refrigeration Service Valve

Refrigeration service valves control the flow of refrigerant in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and also use brazed connections to the valve body and piping sections.


Refrigeration Valve

Refrigeration valves are used to control the flow of refrigerant in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Refrigeration valves contain multiple copper or copper fittings, brazing is the preferred process

Automatic Brazing Machine Features

  • Adjustable Feeding Time
  • Preheat
  • Nitrogen Fire Extinguishing System
  • SMC Gas Solenoid Valve
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Manual Keys/touch Screen
  • Stepper Motor Drive
  • Safety Glass
  • Omron Sensor Switch
  • Touch screen, menu-based and multi-language control panels
Automatic Brazing Machine

Automatic Brazing Machine Advantages

Improve Efficiency

A fully automatic machine can increase production capacity by 10 times 20 times

Improve Quality

The quality of automatic brazing is stable and will not fluctuate due to artificial factors

Low Cost

Fully automatic machines save time and use materials more precisely, saving costs.

Turnkey Machine

We improve after-sales service, you have no worries, lift-time services

Our Suppliers

All our accessories are suppliers of world-renowned brands, such as Mitsubishi Group, Omron, etc.

The core technology has independent intellectual property rights and is completely independent research and development.

We are not making ordinary consumer goods. Customers need to use them for 10 or even 30 years after purchase. Quality and durability are our primary considerations.

Refrigeration Valve Brazing​ Guide

Brazing is the process in which metals are joined by filling metal and heat. The refrigerant valves are joined with the help of brazing. 

Brazing is used in refrigerant valves because of the strong joints it creates, which is why refrigeration valves are used. Below are the answers to the common questions you may want to ask.

1.    What Is a Refrigerant Valve?

Refrigerant valves are the valves attached to refrigeration and in air-conditioning. These valves are the ones that control the refrigerant gas in air conditions and help the proper cooling and functioning of cooling equipment.

Different refrigerant valves are responsible for various functions and are named accordingly. These valves are 

  • Line piercing valve
  • Access valve
  • Check valve
  • Ball valve
  • Shutoff valve

Refrigeration Valve Brazing  Figure 1 Refrigeration Valve Brazing

2.    What Types of Shutoff Valves Are Commonly Used in Refrigeration?

The shutoff valve in refrigeration valves is essential and controls refrigerant gas flow. 

When the shutoff valve closes, it blocks the refrigerant flow in air-conditioning or refrigerator. 

There are some types of these shutoff valves that are: 

  • Globe
  • Inline
  • Angle
  • Ball valve

These valves prevent the leaking of the refrigerant in the air by closing and stopping the passage of the refrigerant. When they open, these valves allow the refrigerant to flow. 

3.    What Is a Refrigeration Valve Brazing?

Refrigeration valves are made using the metals like copper and brass. These valves are brazed together and then used in the refrigeration industry for proper functioning.

These valves can be joined by welding, but brazing provides the most strength to the joints and reduces the chances of leakage, which is why it is preferred and used worldwide. 

4.    Why Do You Need Brazing in Refrigeration Valves?

Refrigeration valves are joined with the brazing method. Other methods are also available for joining two metals, like scolding and welding, but brazing is used because it is the most effective and precise method of joining two metals.

Brazing is used in refrigeration valves to fill the holes in tubes and make the refrigeration valves leakproof.

5.    What Are the Steps in Refrigeration Valve Brazing?

Some steps are followed in the refrigeration valve brazing, and these are

  1. Cleaning of the ends of the tubes that have to be brazed together
  2. Applying flux which helps in proper fixation of the brazed joints
  3. Hold the tubes together and use heat and filling metal to fill in the gaps between the valves
  4. Make sure the spaces are filled with filling metal to avoid leakage
  5. Clean the joint and polish if necessary, and your refrigeration valve is brazed and ready to use

6.    What Is HVAC Brazing?

The brazing method is suitable to be in pressure and high-temperature conditions. Brazing is considered ideal for leakproof connections and is used in HVAC systems. Brazing helps in repairing and also in new machines installation.  

Brazing the refrigeration tubes and valves in an HVAC system is used to make leakproof connections.

Refrigeration Valve BrazingFigure 2 HVAC Brazing

7.    What Are the Precautions in Refrigeration Valve Brazing?

The safety precautions in refrigeration valve brazing are 

·       Proper Ventilation

The area or room where you are brazing the valves has to be adequately ventilated to eliminate the heat and smell of melting metals.

·       Proper Application of Flux

The flux is a chemical mixture applied to joints to ensure the proper brazing and joining process. 

·       Heat Sufficiently

The heat you are applying has to be enough to melt the filler metal in all the spaces and cover the areas so that refrigerant cannot leak and the valve can properly function.

8.    What Are the Metals Used in Refrigeration Valve Brazing?

The metals used in refrigerant valve brazing are selected copper and copper, steel, and aluminum alloys. The alloy of copper mainly used in abundance is brass, ceramics, and steel with zinc coating is also used in brazing.

Refrigeration Valve BrazingFigure 3 Variable Metals Used in Refrigerant Valve Brazing

9.    What Are the Advantages of a Refrigeration Valve Brazing?

The advantages of the brazing method in refrigerant valve brazing are 

·       Precision

Refrigeration valve brazing has the most use in air-conditioning and refrigeration, and the brazing method ensures the precision of the joints. 

With the increase in the use of cooling equipment, there is no time to make mistakes and having a method that makes perfect joints without leakage is our best option.

·       Durability

The brazing of the refrigeration valves makes the cooling equipment durable, and it can work for years without needing to be repaired.

·       Strong

The joints of refrigeration valve brazing are solid and free of any leakage. There are other methods of joining metals, but the brazing method is above all due to the brazing joints being stronger.

10. How Is Brazing Better than Soldering?

Brazing and soldering only differ in terms of temperature. In the brazing method, a higher temperature is used compared to soldering.

The brazing method makes the joints stronger and is better for avoiding leakage in joints. And therefore, it is used in refrigeration valve brazing.

11. Can You Use Welding in Refrigeration Valves Instead of Brazing?

When the refrigeration valves show problems and leakage, it is customary to think about the welding of the valves.

There are many factors needed to be considered before welding. If the welding process does not damage the refrigeration valve, it can be welded with great care, as welding is not as reliable as the brazing method.

12. What Gas Is Used in Refrigeration Valve Brazing?

The type of gas used in refrigeration valve brazing depends on the metal used in tubes and pipes. Mostly copper and alloys of copper are used in the refrigeration valves.

The gas used in copper brazing is air-acetylene. The choice of gas is according to the metal because metals have different melting points. This gas is used in the copper to brass brazing, copper to copper, and copper to steel brazing. It has a high temperature above 450C.

Another used in refrigeration valve brazing is oxy-acetylene. It has a higher flame temperature and is used in copper to steel and copper to copper brazing joints.

13. Where to Get the Best Refrigeration Valve Brazing?

There are different methods of brazing refrigerant valves like manual brazing, semi-automatic brazing, and automatic brazing. Among these, automatic brazing is less time-consuming and equally precise. 

Some industries make automatic brazing machines that help with the brazing with less time and labor. Dodo machines make the best automatic brazing machine for use in cooling equipment valve brazing.

They provide the refrigeration valve brazing machine with the option of customization according to your need.

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