Manual Brazing Turntable

Manual Brazing Turntable Description

The manual brazing operation table is suitable for 2 workers, one for brazing and one for loading and unloading, which can significantly increase the speed.

Optional water cooling and nitrogen protection

Effectively improve the work efficiency of welders

Manual Brazing Turntable Features

  • Cheap Price And Low Cost
  • Efficient
  • Suitable For Small Batch
  • Manual Brazing
  • Flexible
  • Optional Water Cooling
  • Optional Nitrogen Protection
  • Optional Air Cooling
Manual Brazing Turntable

Products Produced by Manual Brazing Turntable

Copper Pipe Manifold

Copper Pipe Manifold

Copper Pipe Manifold is a typical copper and brass welding, brazing process plus suitable solder can ensure long-term damage to Copper Pipe Manifold

branch pipe

Branch Pipe

Branch Pipe is a type of copper pipe with many types. We will design suitable tooling to make the automatic brazing machine work normally.

Copper Sweat Manifold

Copper Sweat Manifold

Copper Sweat Manifold multi-pipe, we can make the small pipe accurately brazed in the correct position through the restrictive tooling

Refrigerant check valve

Refrigerant Check Valve

Brass and copper are welded, and they can be welded together perfectly using an automatic brazing machine, with full solder joints and rounded colors.

Refrigeration Service Valve

Refrigeration Service Valve

Refrigeration service valves control the flow of refrigerant in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and also use brazed connections to the valve body and piping sections.

Brass Distributor Head

Brass Distributor Head

Brass Distributor Head requires copper head and copper tube welding, brazing is the preferred process, automatic brazing machine can quickly and accurately find the link position, and the quality is stable

Manual Brazing Turntable Advantages

Improve Efficiency

A fully automatic machine can increase production capacity by 10 times 20 times

Improve Quality

The quality of automatic brazing is stable and will not fluctuate due to artificial factors

Low Cost

Fully automatic machines save time and use materials more precisely, saving costs.

Turnkey Machine

We improve after-sales service, you have no worries, lift-time services

Our Brand Customers

DoDo machine has cooperation with well-known brands all over the world

Our Suppliers

DoDo machine firmly believes in globalization, common accessories will increase the reliability and sustainability of the machine

All our accessories are suppliers of world-renowned brands, such as Mitsubishi Group, Omron, etc.

The core technology has independent intellectual property rights and is completely independent research and development.

We are not making ordinary consumer goods. Customers need to use them for 10 or even 30 years after purchase. Quality and durability are our primary considerations.

Manual Brazing Turntable Buying Guide

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